Valorant Voice Cast 2021

You can choose from multiple characters in Valorant, all of them have their unique catchphrases. Here's the Voice Cast of Valorant.

Valorant has taken the multiplayer scene by storm. The game perfectly mixes the shooting and maps of Counter-Strike with the style of Fortnite. How cool the characters look and how quippy they add a lot to the game. Let’s see who’s behind the quips and voices of your favorite character. Here’s the voice cast of Valorant.

List Of Valorant Voice Actors

Here’s a list of your favorite Valorant characters and the actors who voiced them.

1. Brimstone voiced by Steve Blum

Valorant voice cast
Brimstone leads the team from the front which makes it a compulsion for him to be the badass he is. To voice such an important character they had to get an experienced guy who better than Steve Blum. Steve has voiced characters in Maplestory, DOTA 2, Mortal Kombat, and many more. With so many characters and some animated characters like Wolverine Steve is the perfect choice for the badass leader Brimstone.

2. Cypher voiced by Nabil Elouahabi

Valorant voice cast
The very frequently heard “give me a corpse” is Nabil Elouahabi’s voice. Nabil is a prominent actor with roles in Casualty and Blitz and with Valorant he has made an entrance in the video-game world.

3. Breach voiced by David Menkin

Valorant voice cast
David Menkin is the voice behind the strong-arm Swede. David has been a part of over 30 video games some of which are Final Fantasy 14, Xenoblade Chronicles, and many more.

4. Jett voiced by Shannon Williams

Valorant voice cast
Shannon is a popular K-pop star and Jett is her first video game character. Even though she didn’t have any experience in voice acting she was selected based on her K-pop hits.

5. Phoenix voiced by Afolabi Alli

Valorant voice cast
Alli is an actor who has appeared in British TV shows like Split and This is Hell. Even though he is not a known name when it comes to voicing video game characters Phoenix has some of the most iconic lines like “skkkkrrraaa”.

6. Sage voiced by Naomi Yang

Valorant voice cast
While the healer character is Naomi’s first video game credit she has done some movies and is popularly known for her role of Vann in “Lilting”.

7. Viper voiced by Ashly Burch

Valorant voice cast
Ashly has voiced written and acted multiple characters across movies and video games. Having writing credits as well gives her a deeper understanding of characters and will also help her in coming up with quirky one-liners.

8. Sova voiced by Aaron Vodovoz

Sova is a no-nonsense Russian shooter and Aaron is the perfect choice for it. Aaron has had a 20+ year-long TV career making him more than eligible for Valorant.

9. Skye voiced by Miranda O’Hare

Miranda is the one behind that thick Australian accent Skye. Even though she has had some stints across TV Valorant is what shot her to fame. Players have now started following her on Tik Tok as well and follow her streams as well.

10. Reyna voiced by Karina Altamirano

Valorant voice cast
Karina is new on the block and the only former experience she has is as a Mexican dualist, although she’s pretty good there. Playing Reyna will surely put her on the map and you might see more of her soon (or hear).

11. Raze voiced by Carolina Ravassa

Carolina is another known name in the video game circuit with games like Overwatch, Just Cause 4, Cyberpunk 2077, and GTA V. Here extensive history is what got fans excited and it’s safe to say they weren’t disappointed.

12. Omen voiced by Jason Marnocha

Valorant voice cast
Marnocha is a prominent name and has dubbed numerous animes but not many Video game characters. Omen is one of the very few but we hope to see him voice more such characters.

13. Killjoy voiced by Eva Feiler

Unlike her name Killjoy is very likable and joyful just like Eva. Eva has experience in narrating audiobooks which made her eligible for the part but it was mostly her personality and how similar it is to Killjoy’s that got her the part.

14. Announcer voiced by Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

Valorant voice cast
Even though the Announcer is not an official part of the voice cast given how many times you hear her she deserves a spot here. Cynthia doesn’t have many credits in her portfolio but that doesn’t reflect how smoothly her dialogues flow.

That was all about the voice cast of Valorant, do check out our article to know how to change your display name in Valorant.