True Perks Tier List (January 2023): What Is It And Its Benefits?

True Piece is a Roblox game that offers the unique True Perk System to its players. Find out the new True Perk Tier List below.

Roblox True Piece has been causing quite the stir with gamers for a while. It is a game that is based on the Japanese game One Piece. Players start with a mediocre character and level up to raise their status and rank. They can choose to be pirates or marines. Over time players can learn many skills such as combat and weapon skills. In addition, the game offers a chance to explore the diverse world and fight bosses to increase their battle power. Let us find out below what the game’s True Piece perk tier list includes.

What Is The True Perk System?

The real perks are just what they sound like. They are perks offered to players to keep the game fresh and interesting. There are a number of exclusive bonuses and boosts with specific purposes. These help speed up the player’s journey from a low-ranking character to a marine or pirate. Read on below to find out the perks being offered in the True Piece Perk Tier List.

True Piece Perks Tier List

Common Perks

  • Vitality: Grants extra 20 health bases
  • Luck: Activates the chance for critical  hits
  • Runner: Helps master base movement speed. Also allows faster movement in the base without extra effort

true perks tier list 1

Legendary Perks

  • Advanced Kenbunshoku: Haki price for dodges reduced
  • Advanced Busoshoku: Use full body Haki, gives extra HP and needs 400 Buso Mastery
  • Weapon Busoshoku: Get weapon power as well as power boost with activated Haki
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku: Bluffs Haoshoku use, reduced cool-down time, and increases range

True Perks Tier List 4

The Rare Perks

  • Enhanced Finger Gun: Helps lower skill cool down, increases finger gun damage while also maximizing the chance for passive critical strike
  • Enhanced Moon Walk: Extra moonwalk and reduced cooldown time
  • Rankyaku: Increases the Rankyaku damage and also reduces the cooldown
  • Enhanced Paper Art: Activates the paper body
  • Enhanced Iron Body: Increases block power as well as passive armor
  • Instant Transmission: Extra range and reduced cooldown

true perks tier list 2

Godly Perks

  • Strawhat Haoshoku: Activates Haoshoku when in low health, works without any game pass.

True Perks Tier List

These are True Piece perk tier rewards being offered in the game currently. For more, check out these Tier lists and stay up to date on the latest with your favourite games.