Sin Chronicle Tier List (April 2023)

Sin Chronicle is a SEGA mobile game that was released on March 25, 2022.

Sin Chronicle is a new RPG game that was released on March 25, 2022. This game has been published by SEGA for mobile devices. Since player choice is quite important in this game, it is natural that players want to pick the best possible character. The game can change drastically depending on the choices a player makes. To help you make a decision, we have put together a Sin Chronicle Tier List ranking characters from SS to B tier.

Sin Chronicle Tier List: April 2023


SS Tier

While the best character often depends a lot on a player’s gameplay style, there are few characters that work well with almost all playstyles. The SS Tier List includes the best characters in the game. Players will have an easy time winning with these characters on their side.

  • Hannah
  • Maya
  • Arin
  • Claire
  • Riruka

S Tier

Almost SS Tier characters but with slight drawbacks holding them back. Players can still absolutely decimate in the game with these characters.

  • Alkan
  • Gaust
  • Ars
  • Gunter
  • Norns

A Tier

Solid characters that can do a healthy amount of damage in the hands of the right player. Players will need a little more experience to make the most of these characters compared to SS and S Tier characters.

  • Teresa
  • Ranfu
  • Gnou
  • Aikane
  • Gaust

B Tier

Players in this Tier List have lower performance than characters in the above Tiers. However, an experienced player could still get a decent performance out of them.

  • Lucan
  • Chloe
  • Edward
  • Musa
  • Sera
  • Rion
  • Biske
  • Decitya
  • Jill
  • Aldegard
  • Esmeralda

How To Reroll In Sin Chronicle?

Players are given 2x Summon in the game. However, if they do not get the characters that they want, is there a way to reroll in Sin Chronicle? Unfortunately, if players have spent all their gems to perform the gacha on Special Banner, they cannot reroll again. In case, players are not at all happy with their pulls, they can delete the game data and have a fresh start in the game. Currently, Hannah is the character that players must strive for.

This is the Sin Chronicle Tier List. We hope this list helped you make up your mind about which character to pull for. For more Gacha games, check out Best Gacha Games To Play On IOS & Android.