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Idle Huntress Tier List (April 2023)

Idle Huntress is a newly released game that launched earlier this year.

Idle Huntress is an online JRPG mobile game that was released earlier this year on January 7th. This game allows players to collect, enhance, and socialize with huntresses in order to unlock their unique stories. However, are wondering about the best huntresses in the game? If so, you need to wonder no longer as we will take you through the best SR’s in Idle Huntress in this Tier List. Players need to know that this tier list is not an ultimate evaluation of the best characters in the game. Each player has a unique playstyle and should pick a character that matches it. That being said, let us dive headfirst into this Idle Hunteress tier list.

Idle Huntress Tier List


These are currently the best huntresses in the game. They have a superior kit and can cause some major damage.

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  • Marco Polo (Water Element)

Marco Polo Idle Huntress Tier List

  • Yu Ji (Flame Element)

Yu Ji Idle Huntress Tier List

  • Chosokabe Motochika (Wind Element)

Motochika Idle Huntress Tier List

  • Teresa (Water Element)


  • Descartes (Water Element)

Idle Descartes


Almost as good as the S-Tier huntresses, they can deal some major damage to get the Victory. Definitely great additions to this Idle Huntress Tier List.

  • Fuma Kotaro (Flame Element)
  • Shakespeare (Wind Element)
  • Andersen (Wind Element)
  • Sun ShangXiang (Flame Element)
  • Sarutobi Sasuke (Wind Element)
  • La Hire (Earth Element)
  • Octavious (Wind Element)
  • Merlin (Flame Element)
  • Da Vinci (Wind Element)
  • Jia Xu (Earth Element)


A good line-up of character but lacks the punch of S and A-Tier. In the hands of an experienced player, they can still get the wins.

  • Tokugawa leyasu (Earth Element)
  • Michelango (Flame Element)
  • Taishi Ci (Earth Element)
  • Huang Zhong (Wind Element)
  • Helen (Water Element)
  • Paris (Earth Element)
  • Remus (Water Element)
  • Raphael (Earth Element)
  • Hua Tuo (Wind Element)
  • Watt (Flame Element)
  • Ares (Earth Element)
  • Zhen Ji (Water Element)
  • Hugo (Earth Element)
  • Tamamo-no-Mae (Earth Element)

Elements In Idle Huntress

There are six elements in Idle Huntress at the moment. These are listed below:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark

This is the Idle Huntress Tier List for March 2022. Since the game has just been released, new characters are still rolling in. We will keep updating this Tier List as more and more huntresses are introduced in the game. In the meantime, check out this Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List.