Exos Heroes Tier List (November 2022)

Here's an updated Exos Heroes tier list with additional details on each character.

Exos Heroes, a turn-based RPG with Gacha elements, is a huge universe to explore & features amazing playable characters. To begin the adventures of such a unique game you must build a solid & one-of-a-mind team. However, it becomes pretty confusing to pick from amongst the interesting hero lineup. However, you won’t have to think about which character to summon or how to prepare for the endgame because our Exos Heroes tier list will come in handy.

Exos Heroes Tier List – November 2022

Do you want to spend your time and resources on characters that would be useful in the long run? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see which heroes are worth a chance.

Tier S

Tier S heroes make the best team ever. These should be your primary goal and top priority. They are well worth the investment.

Character Element Type
Dorka Machine Chaos
Bathory – Forgotten Memory Frost Attack
Jinai – Supreme Queen Nature Chaos
Rera – The First Guardian Nature Chaos
Talia – Prophet of the Sun Nature Support
Tantalo – Banga Family Nature Defense

Tier A

Tier A heroes are not the best, but they are fantastic investments when used strategically.

Character Element Type
Garff – The Reversed World Light Defense
Iris – Holiday at the White Ocean Light Support
Uloom – The Reversed World Machine Defense
Rudley – Forgotten Memory Nature Attack
Schmid Light Attack
Ramge – The First Guardians Darkness Support
Annie – Forgotten Memory Fire Attack
Brook – The Reversed World Fire Attack
Shell  -Artist of Death Machine Support
Deva – Forgotten Memory Machine Chaos
Magi – The First Guardians Fire Attack
Rachel – Awakening Fire Attack
Lepin – Awakening Frost Support

Tier B

Tier B heroes are what you call above average with certain flaws.  However, they are still workable and can build a decent unit.

Character Element Type
Shufraken – Awakening Darkness Defense
Valentina – Princess’s Vacation Frost Chaos
Emma – Forgotten Memory Darkness Support
Zeon – The First Guardians Fire Attack
Adams – Banga Family Darkness Attack
Baraka – The First Guardians Machine Chaos
Bathory Frost Attack

Tier C

Tier C characters are average at best, neither good nor bad. They are a poor party that may be able to survive the war. BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE!!!

Character Element Type
Garff Light Defense
Otard – Awakening Fire Attack
Jinn – Banga Family Machine Chaos
Luke – Banga Family Fire Defense
Anastasia – The First Guardians Frost Support
Scarlet – Hotter Than the Sun Fire Attack
Degas – Beach by the Blue Sea Frost Defense
Rachel – Forgotten Memory Fire Attack
Uloom Machine Defense

Tier D

Okay! Tier D characters are worthless and bring no value. You should simply ignore them unless you have something else in mind.

Character Element Type
Neomi Nature Defense
Baraka – Awakening Machine Chaos
Rudley Nature Attack
Bernadette – Melting Ice Frost Attack
Ramge – Awakening Darkness Support

After looking through the tier list, I hope it is much clearer now who to summon in Exos heroes. You might also like Genshin Impact: Zhongli Weapon Tier List.