Evil Genius 2 Tier List (January 2022) – Which Henchmen To Recruit?

Here's a highly reliable tier list to consider while choosing the best henchman in Evil Genius 2.

Though Evil Genius 2 is not an economic success, it has effectively captured the interest of gamers. This was made possible by its distinctive humorous spy-fi lair builder. Players appreciated the game’s theme of controlling an Evil Genius and putting their plans for a global takeover into action. To complete the mission, you must form a strategic team of 5 henchmen. You may use the tier list below to determine which henchmen are the best and which are the worst in Evil Genius 2.

Evil Genius 2 Tier List (Jan 2022)

The tier list splits the henchmen into three groups depending on their stats, abilities, effectiveness, and other aspects. The list begins with A, which includes the greatest alternatives, and ends with C, which includes terrible alternatives; thus, select carefully.

Evil Genius 2 Tier List A – Best Henchmen

  • Jubei – Juebi is best known in the game as the Muscle henchman. In reality, he is a Science henchman with extraordinarily high figures and the best powers. He can also relocate to locations where he can wreak havoc.
  • Fugu Furakawa – She’s greatest at lowering the warmth for expeditions and preventing lockout.
  • Dr. Magnolia – She’s a must-have henchman in your team. She’s mad and has the capacity to poison a large number of enemies while also healing your friends.
  • Iris – She is yet another excellent Science henchman who must be on your side at all costs. She’s coveted because of her strong numbers and abilities. She can even heal while receiving damage, which adds to the reasons she should be in your army.
  • Incendio – He’s usually utilized to distract enemies and visitors, which is a major help in itself. He is even robust enough to deliver more damage to his enemies.

Evil Genius 2 Tier List B – Average Henchmen

  • Sir Daniel – Well, he deserves to be on your team because he is an expert at everything, whether it’s practicing stealth or creating traps.
  • Eli Barracuda – The only downside is that he is not a brilliant distracter, but on the plus side, he is the most powerful and causes tremendous damage thanks to the best weapon possession.
  • Full Metal Jackie – She’s just for dealing decent damage that’s it but better than the tier C henchmen.

Evil Genius 2 Tier List C – Worst Henchmen

  • Janet Bombe – She’s only there for spoofing reasons. Which isn’t going to benefit you as you progress. Simply worthless.
  • Carl Calfard – Her poor statistics and poor bait skills make her useless henchmen. Who am I kidding? All the henchmen under tier C are ineffective.
  • Clara Jones – Another poor henchman in the game you should not consider.

Well, that’s the Evil Genius 2 tier list which you can use to appoint the highly useful and worthful henchmen in the game. Since you are here do check the tier lists for other games here.