Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List (July 2022)

The ultimate Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List to help you in deciding which character to choose.

Eternal Return: Black Survival is a one-of-a-kind game developed by combining three genres: MOBA, battle royale, and survival. To win the game, you must not only use the right strategy, but also make a wise decision while choosing a character from the large roster. With that in mind, here is the carefully curated and up-to-date Eternal Return: Black Survival tier list.

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Eternal Return: Black Survival Tier List – July 2022


Games Adda’s Eternal Return tier list is divided into six tiers. Each character has been assigned a tier based on its solo win rate and weapon. This will allow you to easily make the correct judgment and strategically take over the Lumia island, show your power, skill, and knowledge. Increase your chances of winning as well.


Tier S

Eternal Return: Black Survival tier list S is worth all the effort. They have the highest win rate in the game and the most lethal weapons. These characters are sure to help you progress much faster in the game.

Character Weapon Win Rate
Fiora Rapier 9.30%
Aya Assault Rifle 8.77%
Luke Bat 7.60%
Jackie Dual Sword 7.55%


Tier A

The characters in Tier A are not as best as Tier S but they are also pretty valuable and strong. These characters should be your next priority.

Character Weapon Win Rate
Zahir Throw 7.20%
Isol Assault Rifle 7.00%
Nadine Crossbow 6.70%
Xiukai Spear 6.50%
Cathy Dagger 6.20%


Tier B

Tier B characters are average and doable. They are not a total waste and do provide some value. You can’t go wrong with them as well.

Character Weapon Win Rate
Yuki Two-Handed Sword 5.66%
Hart Guitar 5.50%
Adela Rapier 5.00%
Adriana Throw 5.00%
Chiara Rapier 5.00%
Rozzi Pistol 4.70%

Tier C

You must go with Tier C characters only if needed and in extreme instances. They have low winning rates which means odds of you winning in the game ie pretty low.

Character Weapon Win Rate
Hyunwoo Tonfa 4.40%
Bernice Sniper 4.30%
Li Dailin Glove 4.10%
Magnus Bat 4.10%
Emma Shuriken 3.80%
Hyejin Shuriken 3.70%

Tier D

AVOID! The D list is useless. Never get tricked into choosing them unless you want a hard time winning the game. To escape failing neglect them.

Character Weapon Win Rate
Sissela Throw 3.30%
Shoichi Dagger 3.20%
Silvia Pistol 3.10%
Lenox Whip 2.90%

Tier F

USELESS!!!! No need to comment on Barbara.

Character Weapon Win Rate


That’s the Eternal Return: Black Survival tier list for 2022. Remember to keep checking here since the list will keep changing as the win rates will.


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