Why Is Pinterest Search Not Working And How To Fix It (2022)

Find out why the Pinterest Search error is occurring and how to fix it.

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media service where users can search for images and create specific theme pins. However, recently users have been facing some trouble when trying to use the search on Pinterest. This is obviously quite a big issue for a platform like Pinterest that relies heavily on its search to provide correct images for its users. Let us take a look at why Pinterest search is not working right now and how players can fix it.

Why Is Pinterest Search Not Working?


It is currently not clear why Pinterest Search is not working. There could be multiple reasons behind the issues. One of the main reasons behind it could be server related. Alternatively, the app itself may be experiencing technical issues or undergoing maintenance. However, users can check through Pinterest’s social media handles for scheduled maintenance. If there is no update regarding the same the error is being caused due to some other reason. While there is not a lot that users can do if the error is from the end of Pinterest, there are a few fixes they can try out.

How To Fix Pinterest Search Not Working?

Until the specific reason for the Pinterest search not working becomes clear, there is no specific solution that players can implement. However, there are a few general fixes that users can try to see if they fix the problem. Below are a few of these fixes that users can try.

  •  If users are opening Pinterest in a private or incognito browser, it might be the source of the problem. Use the regular browser to open Pinterest and the issue might be solved.
  • Users can also turn off the Hardware Acceleration if it is On.
  •  Another fix is to remove the Pinterest extension and install it again.
  • Clear the Cache and Cookies to remove temporary or broken files.
  • Users can reset their Chrome Settings to default.
  • Enable Javascript for the browser.
  • Users must ensure that their browser is fully updated as it might be the cause behind Pinterest search not working.
  • The last fix users can implement is to disable the other extensions to see if they are interfering with the Pinterest functioning. Users will have to disable each extension manually and keep checking if Pinterest is running normally to narrow down the extension causing the issue.

If none of the above fixes work for users, they should contact Pinterest customer support for assistance. For other Tech Guides, check out How To Share Instagram Reels As WhatsApp Status?