How To Import WhatsApp Chat To Telegram? – Complete Guide 2021

Here's a quick guide on how you can import your WhatsApp chat to Telegram.

After WhatsApp came up with its new update and changed its privacy setting many users decided to look for alternatives. According to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy update, any Facebook-owned companies will have access to the users WhatsApp data. This kind of policy became a threat and people in huge numbers have started to shift to Telegram. Users have also started to join Signal which is also similar to Whatsapp. You can also Import your WhatsApp chats to Signal with just a few steps.

Since Telegram has seen a huge surge of new users it has decided to make things more convenient for the ones that wish to switch. And with this, the company has decided to make things easy for users to import their WhatsApp chats or any other messaging apps to their platform.

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How To Import WhatsApp Chat To Telegram For Android?

In this article, we have given a complete guide for you to switch your chats easily in the Telegram App. You will just have to follow few simple steps.

  1. To import your chats from Whatsapp you will have to tap on the Menu Button.
  2. Click on the More option.
  3. Click on Export Chat & Select Telegram.

And with this, you will have successfully complete the process of transferring your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram.

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How To Import WhatsApp Chat To Telegram For IOS?

The steps to importing your WhatsApp chat to Telegram for IOS mobile is similar to that of Android devices. There is just one simple change to it.

  1. Click on Contact Info or Group Info Page in the app.
  2. Click on Export Chat.
  3. Select Telegram in the Share Menu.

With this, you will easily able to import your WhatsApp Chat on Telegram by just following the above-mentioned steps. Telegram offers tons of features and is almost similar to Whatsapp. The only differentiating feature of Telegram is that it allows a group to be made of over 200,000 members.

These features are quite amazing Telegram also has including ones similar to Snapchat where you can delete messages automatically. It also has a huge capability of file sharing. You can share files with 1.5 GB size on Telegram. But Do make sure to not enable Telegram’s ‘People Nearby’ Feature