How To Fix Chat GPT Not Working Issue (2023)

These are all the ways to fix ChatGPT.

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot that has been in the talk from the time of its launch. This Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer is capable of answering questions from a human point of view. But the technology is still new and developing, so errors and issues like not being available to use, not responding, and not loading are common. So here is how you can fix the Chat GPT not working issue.

Fix Chat GPT Not Working, Responding, or Loading

Chat GPT Not Working Fix

Humans have always outsmarted themselves. The most intelligent beings on this planet have even created an Artificial intelligence that works as our support. But since all new things go through error and fix in their beginning phase, this convenient technology faces issues too. And though there are no permanent or 100% working fixes, there are still some methods that you can apply to fix these problems. Such as alternative accounts, cache cleaning, and logging in and out.

Alternative Account for ChatGPT

The feature is still in the beta phase, so users are getting it for free. If you too are logged in with a free account and are not planning to purchase it. Create another account and log in from it. And while doing that, make sure that you have verified your email and password for future changes and smooth use.

Clean Cache to Fix Not Responding

Caches are hidden thieves that slow down your systems and make them lack. Which sometimes results in slow loading and eventually no response. So it is better to regularly clean your cache if they don’t contain info on any important, daily-use site. You can clean them by going into the “Privacy and Security” Settings of the browser and selecting “Clear browsing data” or any similar option. If you are using Chrome make sure to uncheck the Browsing History before selecting Remove all or Clear Data.

Log in and Out if Chat GPT Not Loading

This is probably the first method you should apply for technical problems. As it works for many cases. So go to ChatGPT, log out and log in again.

If none of these solutions are working for you, contact their customer support. But hopefully, they worked for you. And you fixed Chat GPT not working, not responding, and not loading issues. Also, check out ChatGPT Internal Server Error.