How To Unlock And Use The Slime Hutch In Stardew Valley?

The slime hutch when used wisely can get you extra money in stardew valley. Here's how to get the slime hutch and how to use it to make money.

The Slime hutch is a farm structure in stardew valley where slimes can be mated to produce slime balls. Slime hutch is an important structure because when used wisely it can get you loads of extra money in Stardew Valley. Let’s see how to unlock the Slime Hutch and how to make money using it.

How To Get The Slime Hutch In Stardew Valley?

The Slime hutch can’t be built it can only be bought. Players can buy the slime hutch from Robin for 10000x Gold, 500x stone, 10x refined quartz, and 1x iridium bar. Once the Slime hutch is built Robin will visit you and give you your first Slime Egg. This will enable you to start breeding slimes.

How To Make Money Using Slime Hutch?

stardew valley slime hutch

Breeding slimes will give you slime balls that can be sold for money. The slime hutch can store 20 slimes, for every 5 slimes and 1 water trout you will get 1 slime ball every night. Players should know that you need slimes in multiples of 5 to get slime balls, Having 4 slime won’t get you slime balls you will need to get the 5th one as well

Every slime ball when harvested will provide you with 15 slimes and 0.5 petrified slimes. Each slime can be sold for 5x gold and putting 100 slimes in the slime press will get you 1 slime egg. Selling Slime eggs is the optimum use of all the slime produced in the slime hutch.

We would recommend players carry a slime charmer ring as well. Slime charmer ring will protect you from slime attacks in the slime hutch. You can unlock the slime charmer ring by completing the Monster Eradication Goals. Keep in mind to use the sprinkler to fill the water trout as the water trout need to be full all the time to keep up the slime production. Players can harvest all 4 types of slimes in the Slime hutch apart from the Tiger Slime.

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