RBXTROVE Codes List (November 2022)

RBXTROVE promises free Robux to Roblox players

Robux can be pretty hard to come by in Roblox games. This is why sites offering free Robux have become very popular. However, not all such sites are legit and some may even end up scamming players. RbxTrove is one such site that offers free Robux to players for completing surveys, watching videos, winning giveaways, or redeeming codes. According to the site, players can cash out any time and the site only requires a player’s Roblox username. What are some of the active and expired codes for RBXTROVE? So is it a legit site?

RBXTROVE Codes List: November 2022


Here are all the active and expired codes for RBXTROVE. We have only included codes that actually worked on the RBXTROVE website.

Active RBXTROVE Codes

  • MGCLEEZERwasbusy

Expired RBXTROVE Codes

  • BlueLeafRBNeedSubs

How To Redeem Codes On RBXTROVE?

  • Go to the RBXTROVE website.
  • Login with the Roblox username.
  • Click on the Promocodes option situated towards the top of the screen.
  • Enter an active RBXTROVE code in the Enter Code Bar.


  • Click Redeem to claim the free Robux.

Make sure that the code is typed in exactly as given. Even a slight variation (Caps On/Off) can cause the code to not work. Also, codes expire pretty quick so if players plan on redeeming them, they must do so quickly.

Is RBXTROVE Safe To Use?

All third-party sites must be approached with caution. RBXTROVE itself states that it has no affiliation with Roblox. Therefore, Roblox is not in any way liable for the activity that takes place on this site. If players do get scammed, they do not have any authority to appeal to. Moreover, the site can be signed using only a player’s Roblox username. This means that anyone that knows a player’s Roblox username can sign in on behalf of them. Players might not even know that someone else is using their account.

However, that is not all. The site also has a very low Trustscore of 10/100 on Scamadviser. This raises a major red flag. Therefore, we would advise players to stick with the official outlets to get Robux like the Roblox store.

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