How To Find & Get Foliage Marker In Find The Markers

Want to get foliage marker, but confused, this article will help you.

Markers in this game are divided into the level of difficulty and the foliage marker is the extreme difficulty level marker. Acquiring this marker is very time-consuming and confusing at times, but we need it if we want to get the final reward. In this article, we’ll see how you can find and get the foliage marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

How to Find and Get Foliage Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Foliage Marker In Roblox
Image Credit: NoobBlox on YouTube

Climbing the Tower

  • The first location that you need to go to is “pe Olde Shop“, you can see that from the starting point and it has a pool in front of it.
  • Once you enter the olde shop you’ll see a yellow marker standing behind the counter.
  • Approach that marker, it will talk to you and ask “hello what can i do for you”, and three options will appear on your window choose “i’ve met one of your ancestors“.
  • The Second set of options will appear, choose “primrose marker“, and then it will teleport you in front of the map.
  • Map contains the order in which you have to turn the orbs on, better take a screenshot of it.
  • Now teleport back to the starting point, and climb the stairway that has a clock tower in front of it.
  • Climb the clock tower to reach near the clock, and then you’ll get teleported to the next location.

Washable Kingdom

  • Go right and walk to the end of the way, now move your camera to find the first orb that is beneath the one pond.
  • Jump in that pond and activate the orb by pressing E, it will be of orange color.
  • Teleport back to the starting point, use the sun-like symbol at bottom of your screen for that.
  • Once there turn around and at the end of the cliff, you’ll see an orb placed on a small brick pillar. Press E to Activate it, this one is purple.
  • Now turn right and walk straight till you find the next orb placed in front of one shop, it’s a yellow color orb.
  • Behind those shops is a blue color area, go to the end of that area, you’ll see the next orb, it’s a blue color orb.
  • Now go inside the castle, in front of which you were teleported, turn left and climb the stairs.
  • Climb the chamber in front of you, this one is a white orb.
  • Come back to the starting point and turn right, walk straight to the concrete castle, you’ll see the next orb, it’s a red orb.
  • Behind the red orb you’ll see a path leading up, walk on it until you find the opening.
  • Enter from the opening, and jump down, you’ll activate a dark blue orb.

Green Door

  • All the orbs have been activated, now you need to come up and take right, there you’ll see a green door opening.
  • Go inside that door, walk towards the well and jump on it, you’ll see a box in the middle of it, and the option will pop up “Plant seed“.
  • Timer is going to start, you’ll have to be quick at this point, turn right and enter the door you see.
  • You’ll see a pond with lotus leaves, now hope on it to cross the pond, if you fall in the water you’ll have to start again.
  • After crossing it go and water the seed in the middle of a well.

Another Timer

  • Walk ahead and climb the way, then turn right to see the next door, and enter it.
  • You’ll need to dodge and jump here, in the end, you’ll see a well, now take the water from it.
  • Turn back, then dodge and jump again, now water the plant.
  • Then climb the wall in front of you and enter the door you see.
  • Go straight till you see blue glowing mushrooms, click on it.
  • Partially visible boxes will appear, jump and cross the way using them.
  • You’ll land on a pillar in front of which you’ll see another set of glowing blue mushrooms, click on them.
  • A new half-transparent part will open, walk and jump to get across and then click on the mushrooms in 2, 1 and 3 order.
  • A gate will open, enter and take the water.

Climb the Plant

  • Go back to your plant and water it, a plant will become huge, climb on it.
  • And then walk up a little up, and you’ll see your foliage marker.

In this article, you show how to find and get a foliage marker in Roblox Find the Markers. If you found this article helpful do check out what does afk means.