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How To Get Gems Fast In A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Check out this guide to farm Gems in AOPG.

AOPG is a famous Roblox game based on the manga and anime series One Piece. The game has so many elements adapted from the original series that it will never be stale for Nakama. It has gear transformation, Haki, like Emission, and much more. But like most games, you will need micro currency to smoothly level up. So here is how to get Gems fast in A One Piece Game.

A One Piece Game: How to Farm Gems Fast

Get Gems AOPG
Image Credit: JosephR on YouTube

Gems are the most valuable currency of this game. And one of the best uses for Gems is during the Gear 5 transformation. You need about 14000 Gems to unlock this form. But it is hard to obtain, and previously there were not many locations that gave this item. No need to worry now, as this article will guide you to collect Gems quickly.

The First Sea has a really low chance of dropping Gems, but with new additions and after the introduction of Gear 5 form. The rate of Gems has increased. So if you are new to the game or have not yet unlocked Second Sea, you should go to Buggy Island. Defeating Strong Buggy Pirate can sometimes reward you with Gems. And a PvP battle can reward a few Gems too.

As for the Second Sea. It is heaven for the Gems collection. All you need to do here is kill NPCs. Many NPCs give some amount of Gems after defeat. Zou Island is the best location to hunt Rabbit Guards, Superior Cat Guards, Major Feline Mini-Boss, and General K9. Because Rabbit Guards give up to 5 Gems.

The next hunting ground that gives most Gems is Enies Lobby. This place gives you Quests of eliminating CP9 Members, which gives Beli, EXP, and sometimes Gems. Since there are many enemies, it is recommended to use moves like Severe Tsunami and Island Shake.

That is all you need to do to get Gems fast in A One Piece Game. If you found this guide helpful. Also, read how to obtain Gear 5 and how to unlock Emission in AOPG.