Roblox Adopt Me: How To Get Ancient Ruins Badge?

Want to earn Ancient Ruins Badge in Adopt Me? Check this guide out.

Adopt Me is a Roblox role-playing game where you can adopt pets or even be adopted. Also, the whole map is waiting to be explored by the players. There is much more to do in this game from attending parties to grooming your pet. And, you can also carry out some extracurricular activities and claim various badges. In this guide, we have mentioned how to get the Ancient Ruins Badge in Adopt Me.

Apart from this one, there are other badges to claim as well. In order to easily understand how to claim them, read along with this guide.

How to Earn Ancient Ruins Badge in Adopt Me?

Ancient Ruins Badge in Adopt Me

Ancient Ruins Badge in Adopt Me is one of the several badges that are up for grabs. Players have to complete the challenge successfully to claim each one. In order to get the badges, you have to navigate your way to the Playground.

Upon reaching the ground, you have to go beyond the colossal blue slide and you will come across a wooden hut-like building called the Obbies. The moment you enter the Obbies, you will see several doors with stars embedded in the frame. The stars determine the difficulty level of the challenge. In Ancient Ruins, there are 4 stars placed beside the door.

You have to figure your way out to the Finish building and enter through the door. Once you do that, you will be respawned at the Obbies building, along with the Ancient Badge in Adopt Me. This is all you need to know about how to get the badge in the game.

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