Pokemon Unite: How To Access Tutorial Missions And Get Rewards

Tutorial Missions are a great help to new players.

New players joining Pokemon Unite can complete Tutorial Missions and earn rewards. These missions are a great way for players to understand the game before being thrown into the main gameplay. Even players that have some experience with the game can play these Tutorial Missions to get a refresher course about the mechanics of Pokemon Unite while also earning some cool rewards.

Let us take a look at how players can access the Tutorial missions and the rewards they can get for completing them.

How To Access Tutorial Missions In Pokemon Unite?


It is quite simple for players to access Tutorial missions at any point in the game. Players can simply follow the steps given below to do so without any hassles.

  • First, players must open the Menu located in the top left corner below their display image.
  • Here, they must select the Practice option.
  • Now, select Tutorial and choose a Mission from the given options.
  • Complete the Tutorial Missions and earn great rewards.

Tutorial Mission Rewards

When new players start the game, thy will automatically go through the first two tutorial missions. Completing these Tutorial Missions will give them a reward of 1,600 Aeos Coins. If players complete the remaining 4 Tutorials, they will get 3,200 Aeos Coins.

In addition, players can also get additional rewards for completing some Beginner Challenge Missions as they finish the Tutorial Missions. These include a Muscle Band for completing the Basic Tutorial, 400 Aeos Coins for completing Advanced 1 tutorial, and Wise Glasses for completing the Advance 2 tutorial.

Ultimately, it is well worth putting in the effort to complete all Tutorial Missions as players will get rewards and a better understanding of the game. This is all about the Tutorial Missions and their rewards in Pokemon Unite. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out How To Chat With Friends In Pokemon Unite?