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Pokemon Unite: Things To Do First When Getting Started

Here is what you should do when getting started with Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game. The standard matches have 5 Pokemon in each team, and their goal is to make as many points in an Enemy territory as possible within 10 minutes to win. If you are a new player, you might be facing difficulty in protecting yourself and your team. So here are things to do first when you are getting started in Pokemon Unite.

Things to Do First: When Getting Started in Pokemon Unite

Getting Started Pokemon Unite

Study Maps

After the Recent update game has Maps such as Mer Stadium, Shivre City, Auroma Park, and Theia Sky Ruins. Mer Stadium is a compact version of Remoate. It has the same wild Pokemons as Remoat and it conducts 4V4 battles in quick mode. Shivre City has one goal zone. Wild Avalugg appears here, you have to defeat it and mark your area. Auroma Park is a 3v3 battle. And this map has a unique feature called the Conveyor belt, which helps in catching fleeing enemies and reaching the Goal Zone faster. And lastly, Theia Sky Ruins is the first accessible map and uses 5v5 battle mode. This map can be divided into several parts, such as the Central area, Base, Goal Zone, Paths, Beach Area, and Legendary Pit.

Learn Roles and Choose the Best Starter Pokémon

There are five types of Roles that Pokemon undertake in this game: Attacker, Supporter, Defender, All-Rounder, and Speedster. Pikachu is the best starter Attacker, Eldegoss is the best starter Supporter, Snorlax is best for the Defender or Tank Role, Charizard is a perfect All-Rounder, and Eldegoss is suitable for the Speedster or High Agility role.

Do Recommended Settings

  • Frame Rate: High
  • Opponent Lock-On Priority: Lowest Remaining HP (Value)
  • Attack Controls: Advanced Controls
  • Lock-On Icon: On
  • Move Aim Settings: Movement Panel
  • In-Motion Pursuit Distance: Standard
  • Scoring Controls: Press Button
  • Move Aim Follows Movement Direction: On
  • Camera Movement: Slide

Hopefully, this guide on things to do first when getting started in Pokemon Unite helped you. If it did, then check out the held items tier list and the best Talonflame build.