Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Quick balls, Luxury balls, and Repeat balls?

Players can use various types of Pokeballs in sword and shield. Here's how to get the luxury, Repeat and Quick ball in Sword and Shield.

Sword and Shield at its core is very similar to other pokemon games but it also has some striking new features. One of the most expected yet so good addition is the various types of pokeballs players can use like Luxury balls, Quick balls, and Repeat balls in Sword and Shield. With so many different types of pokeballs players have to visit multiple places as you won’t find every Pokeball at all the Poke centers.

How To Get Quick Balls, Luxury balls, and Repeat balls In Sword And Shield?

sword and shield balls
The process of getting pokeballs is easy all you have to do is enter a Poke center buy it. The tricky part is that you won’t get all of them in one place. The best place to buy the Luxury ball, Repeat ball, and Quick balls in Sword and Shield is Wyndon city.

Quick travel to Wyndon city and enter the Poke mart, go to the second person on your right. Interact with him and you will be able to buy Quick balls Luxury balls and Repeat balls and many other types of poke balls also.

The catch is that you will only be able to go to the city once you have defeated all the 8 gym leaders. Another way of getting various pokeballs is by interacting with Watt traders and buying these through some Watts. The problem is that not all Watt traders have all the poke balls. It’s mostly luck-based which Pokeball you will get.

The Quick ball becomes important because the earlier you use it higher the chance you will catch the pokemon. Similarly using the Repeat ball makes it easier to catch the pokemon you have already caught. The luxury ball will help the pokemon get friendly with you quickly after you have caught it

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