Pokemon Go: Players Are Not Happy With The Post Pandemic Changes

Niantic announced they will reverse the Pokemon Go updates made during the Pandemic. Let's see how the fans outraged over the new changes.

The Pandemic hit everyone but a game based on walking was hit the hardest. Pokemon Go peaked in 2016 after which the number of users started dipping until 2020. With the whole world under lockdown, Niantic decided to reduce the need for walking or traveling in Pokemon Go.

This played well for them as no. of players started spiking again. Recently Niantic announced they will be reversing the restriction and least to say players aren’t happy about it. Let’s dig deeper and know how the fans reacted to the Post Pandemic changes in Pokemon Go.

Pandemic changes in Pokemon Go

During the Pandemic Niantic made gyms and Pokestops closer to one another and also reduced the steps required to hatch eggs. Apart from this they also increased the incense frequency. All these changes made the game more accessible to people stuck in their homes making the game rake in players once again.

An unexpected effect of these changes was that now fans with a certain physical disability could also be a part of the game. Niantic was applauded for using the adversity and making the game even better than before, but all that is about to change.

Pokemon go changes
Post-Pandemic Changes In Pokemon Go And Fans Reaction To The Changes

Recently Niantic released a statement that meant that they will be reversing almost all the Pandemic changes. Fans across Twitter and Reddit are opposing this as it would once restrict the accessibility of the game. Many players who started or restarted playing the game during the Pandemic will be forced to stop playing because of the new changes.

Multiple petitions are going around out of which the top 3 have over 75000 signatures. As of now, there has been no official statement from Niantic on the outrage. While Niantic reversed the changes because of the high number of vaccinations the fans also make a strong point. Let’s hope Niantic listens to them as we all want the game to be more inclusive.

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