Pokemon: How To Defeat Fairy Type Pokemons

Fairy type Pokemon are one of the strongest Pokemons. Let's see what type of Pokemon and attacks you can use to defeat Fairy type Pokemon.

The world of Pokemon is very vast as there are close to 1000 different pokemon of various types. All the Pokemons are divided into a total of 18 types, some of these types are Fairy, Water, Dragon, etc. The type of Pokemon decides what attacks the Pokemons will have and also has a major impact on the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon. Let’s dig deeper into Fairy-type Pokemon and how to defeat them.

How To Defeat Fairy Type Pokemon?

fairy type pokemon
Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced in the 6th Gen, apart from being introduced later the number of Fairy-type Pokemon is also fairly less. Some of the famous fairy-type pokemon are Clefairy and Jigglypuff. Fairy-type Pokemon are vulnerable to Steel-type and Poison Type.

The attacks and size of the Pokemon also matter but it’s mostly dependant on the type of the Pokemon. One of the Poison-type Pokemon you can use is Gengar, one of the oldest and most famous Poison-type pokemon in the Kanto region. Attacks like Dark pulse and sludge bomb are very effective against all fairy-type Pokemon.

Players can also use Steelix a Steel-type Pokemon whose Bodyslam and Iron tail attacks are immensely effective against Fairy-type Pokemons. You should also know that some Pokemon are dual-type for example Fairy-Normal or Steel-Normal.

In such cases, you should choose a Pokemon according to both the type. In the case of Fairy-fire look for a Steel-Water or Poison-Water type Pokemon. Keeping the type in account for every Pokemon battle can be tedious but even if you choose according to one type it will have a huge impact on the battle. Players should also check the type of attacks as sometimes Dragon-type pokemon might have a Steel-type attack. These insights are applicable in all Pokemon games.

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