Pokemon Crystal Cheats, GameShark Codes For Game Boy Color (June 2022)

Here are all cheat codes that players can use in Pokemon Crystal.

Pokemon Crystal Version is officially launched in Japan in 2020 and for a global audience in 2001. Almost two decades after its initial launch, the game is released for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

It has been more than two decades since Pokemon Crystal launched in Japan and across the world but it is still a favorite game of millions of people. Similar to other Pokemon games, fans are looking for Pokemon Crystal cheats to make the gameplay entertaining and fun.


In this post, we have compiled a list of Pokemon Crystal cheat codes for rare candies, stats, wild Pokemon, and walk-through walls. If you use these cheats in the game, your gameplay will become a lot easier and entertaining.

Before we introduce you to these cheats, let me tell you that some of these cheats can crash your game. So, make sure to use only cheat codes that are suitable for your Pokemon Crystal ROM version.

However, if you encounter any issue after using the following cheats then you will have to disable the cheat and look for some other Gameshark codes that can be used in your version of Pokemon Crystal.


Pokemon Crystal Cheats – 2022

We are providing a list of cheat codes but you must use these codes at your own risk.


Rare Candy

  • 012093D8
  • 9120F1D0

Master ball


  • 0101F1D0
  • 9101EAD1

To use these cheats, you will have to enter these codes and go to the market and purchase Master Ball.

Walk Through Walls

  • 010AA3CE
  • 010AA4CE
  • 010AA5CE
  • 010AA6CE
  • 9100FAC2
  • 9100FBC2
  • 9100FCC2
  • 9100FDC2

As we have mentioned above, Walk Through Walls cheat codes might freeze or crash your game. So, make sure to save your progress before using these codes.

Always Use Bike

  • 010182D6 91015DD9

Infinite Money

  • 019973D5
  • 019974D5
  • 019975D5
  • 910F4ED8
  • 91424FD8
  • 913F50D8

Max Pokeball

  • Slot 1 0163FED5 9163D9D8
  • Slot 2 016300D6 9163DBD8
  • Slot 3 016302D6 9163DDD8
  • Slot 4 016304D6 9163DFD8
  • Slot 5 016306D6 9163E1D8
  • Slot 6 016308D6 9163E3D8
  • Slot 7 01630AD6 9163E5D8
  • Slot 8 01630CD6 9163E7D8
  • Slot 9 01630ED6 9163E9D8
  • Slot 10 016310D6 9163EBD8
  • Slot 11 016312D6 9163EDD8
  • Slot 12 016314D6 9163EFD8

Have All Badges

  • 01FF7CD5
  • 01FF7DD5
  • 91FF57D8
  • 91FF58D8

Shiny Pokemon

  • 910730D2

Transform A Normal Pokemon To A Shiny

1st Pokemon

  • 01EA3FDA
  • 01AA40DA
  • 91EAF4DC
  • 91AAF5DC

2nd Pokemon

  • 01EA6FDA
  • 01AA70DA
  • 91EA24DD
  • 91AA25DD

3rd Pokemon

  • 01EA9FDA
  • 01AAA0DA
  • 91EA54DD
  • 91AA55DD

4th Pokemon

  • 01EACFDA
  • 01AAD0DA
  • 91EA84DD
  • 91AA85DD

5th Pokemon

  • 01EAFFDA
  • 01AA00DB
  • 91EAB4DD
  • 91AAB5DD

6th Pokemon

  • 01EA2FDB
  • 01AA30DB
  • 91EAE4DD
  • 91AAE5DD

Pokemon Level Modifier

  • 91xx13D2

You will have to replace XX only with the desired Pokemon level.

Infinite EXP

  • 014432DA
  • 014433DA
  • 014434DA
  • 9144E7DC
  • 9144E8DC
  • 9144E9DC

If you use these codes, your Pokemon will continue to grow until it reaches level 100 after winning a battle.

Steal Trainer’s Pokemon

  • 91012DD2

Hatch An Egg Instantly

  • 1st Egg 010145DA 9101FADC
  • 2nd Egg 010175DA 91012ADD
  • 3rd Egg 0101A5DA 91015ADD
  • 4th Egg 0101D5DA 91018ADD
  • 5th Egg 010105DB 9101BADD
  • 6th Egg 010135DB 9101EADD

Pokemon Gender Modifier

  • Fight Female 010419D1 910430D2
  • Fight Male 010519D1 910530D2

Enemy Pokemon Status Modifier

  • 91xx14D2 (You will have to change XX with the following)
  • 01: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 1st turn).
  • 02: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 2nd turn).
  • 03: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 3rd turn).
  • 04: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 4th turn).
  • 05: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 5th turn).
  • 06: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 6th turn).
  • 07: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 7th turn).
  • 08: PSN (The poison will wear off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 0f: PSN + SLP(wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 10: BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 17: BRN + SLP (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 20: FRZ (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 30: FRZ + BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
  • 40: PAR (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)

Happiness Modifier

  • 1st 01xx45DA 91xxFADC
  • 2nd 01xx75DA 91xx2ADD
  • 3rd 01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD
  • 4th 01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD
  • 5th 01xx05DB 91xxBADD
  • 6th 01xx35DB 91xxEADD

You will need to replace XX with the following digits:

  • 00: (0) Means your Pokemon hates you
  • 46: (70) This Is where you start after catching or trading.
  • DA: (218) This is the requirement for happiness evolution.
  • FF: (255) This is the maximum.

Key Item Modifier

These cheats require you to enable Scrolling for Key items. Notably, these codes must be ON for the Key Item Modifier.

Enable Scrolling

  • 01xxE1D5 91xxBCD8

Gold & Silver Crystal

  • Slot 1 01xxE2D5 91xxBDD8
  • Slot 2 01xxE3D5 91xxBED8
  • Slot 3 01xxE4D5 91xxBFD8
  • Slot 4 01xxE5D5 91xxC0D8
  • Slot 5 01xxE6D5 91xxC1D8
  • Slot 6 01xxE7D5 91xxC2D8
  • Slot 7 01xxE8D5 91xxC3D8
  • Slot 8 01xxE9D5 91xxC4D8
  • Slot 9 01xxEAD5 91xxC5D8
  • Slot 10 01xxEBD5 91xxC6D8
  • Slot 11 01xxECD5 91xxC7D8
  • Slot 12 01xxEDD5 91xxC8D8

Replace xx with one of the codes Bellow:

  • 07 – Bicycle
  • 36 – Coin Case
  • 37 – Itemfinder
  • 3A – Old Rod
  • 3B – Good Rod
  • 3D – Super Rod
  • 42 – Red Scale
  • 44 – S.S. Ticket
  • 45 – Mystery Egg
  • 46 – Clear Bell (Crystal only)
  • 47 – Silver Wing
  • 73 – GS Ball (Crystal only)
  • 74 – Blue Card (Crystal only)
  • 7F – Card Key
  • 80 – Machine Part
  • 81 – Egg Ticket (Crystal only)
  • 85 – Basement Key
  • 86 – Pass
  • AF – Squirtbottle
  • B2 – Rainbow Wing

MSC Pokemon Crystal Gameshark codes


You can infect a Pokemon with the ‘Pokemon Virus’.

  • Infect 1st Pokemon 010146DA 9101FBDC
  • Infect 2nd Pokemon 010176DA 91012BDD
  • Infect 3rd Pokemon 0101A6DA 91015BDD
  • Infect 4th Pokemon 0101D6DA 91018BDD
  • Infect 5th Pokemon 010106DB 9101BBDD
  • Infect 6th Pokemon 010136DB 9101EBDD

These are all Pokemon Crystal cheats that you can use in 2022. If you are having an issue while using these cheats, click on this link to check out fixes.


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