Pokemon BDSP Shaymin Glitch: Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Surf Exploit

Wondering how the BDSP Shaymin Glitch works in Pokemon? This guide will show you how.

There is a Shaymin Glitch in Pokemon BDSP that will allow you to get the specific Pokemon. This is something exciting as it will allow you to catch this unique Pokemon pretty early on in the game. Luckily for you and me, the steps to do the same are also pretty easy to follow and utilize. So, scroll down and find out how to use this exploit to the fullest.

How to use Pokemon BDSP Shaymin Glitch?

Pokemon BDSP Shaymin Glitch: Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Surf Bug

In order to access the Shaymin Glitch, you need to complete specific steps in the game. All of these will ensure that you unlock the Pokemon earlier in the game. So, basically, this is a backdoor tactic in the game.

First, you will have to make sure that you beat the Elite Four and Sinnoh Champion. Additionally, you will have to obtain the National Pokedex. Now, go over to Route 224 in the game. Make sure that you don’t fight Black Belt Carl.

When you come over to Black Belt Carl, cross him and beat the next three trainers on the road. Now, go back over to Black Belt Carl and save the game at this point.

Glitch Exploit Steps

This is where the Pokemon BDSP Shaymin Glitch begins. Stand facing the water body and start button smashing the ‘A’ key. Beat Black Belt Carl in the game and you will get a Surf option. Click on the ‘Yes’ option and follow the steps given below:

  • Move off of Carl and start going ahead. Mount Bibarel and move around using the joystick.
  • Go over to the stairs near the Dragon Tamer.
  • Go to the stairs and climb on the left side.
  • Now, there will be a phase where the character becomes invisible.
  • At this point, save the game and close.
  • Now, restart the game and you will be able to find your character floating.
  • Save Game and restart again to use the Pokemon BDSP Shaymin Glitch.
  • Now, you will find your character floating.
  • Go across the trees in the downward direction and float over the rocks in the water.
  • Cross them till you are over the water body.
  • Dismount and start walking in the water.
  • Head in the upwards direction and you will come across a dark-colored water body.
  • Press the A button and start surfing.
  • Here, you will also be able to find a narrow path you can walk on as surfing might not be allowed past a point.
  • Now, reach the Flower Paradise using the bike.
  • Look for Shaymin and save your game.
  • Now, interact with Shaymin and start a battle.
  • Using a Quick Ball will make it easy to catch.

You can have a look at the video by Redditor u/EternalMemes30 to understand the process better.

Pokemon:BDSP Surf Glitch and encounter with Shaymin from NintendoSwitch

All of this will ensure that you catch Shaymin using the Glitch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl (BDSP). Want to learn more about BDSP? Have a look at What Is The New Poketch HM Feature?