Mobile Legends: Top 5 Best Marksman (November 2022)

Marksman class is high damage ranged units in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends consists of various character classes. The Marksman class has a tough role to fill in ML. While a Marksman character has high damage, they need to rely on their teammates for defense. Despite this, Marksman characters can be very useful for taking out opponents from a distance by dealing massive amounts of damage. Players just need to ensure that they are placing their Markman at a defensible spot. That being said, here are the top 5 best Marksman in Mobile Legends.

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends


A Marksman is only as good as the player controlling it. So, players should experiment and find the character that best suits their style. A great offense Marksman would be no good for players that prefer to play defense. That is why players should pick the Marksman that complements their gameplay.



Granger, Death Chanter is one of the best Marksman in Mobile Legends at the moment. This Marksman offers very high damage combined with high mobility. Players can effectively use this Markman to take out key targets in the opposing team. His damage is unmatched and can be the deciding factor in any fight.

However, this Marksman can be ambushed by opponents easily and is especially vulnerable to assassins. In addition, his attacks can be a bit slower than the other Marksman. Players should ensure that they place Granger in the backlines where he can do a lot of damage and be protected by his team.



Melissa is a burst damage Marksman whose primary weapon is Cursed Needles. It passive can increase the damage by up to 82.5%. Players can take advantage of Melissa’s movement speed and debuffing abilities to face opponents. Like all Marksman characters, Melissa’s defense leaves a lot to be desired. However, that is not what the Marksman class is about. It is a high damage range unit and for that purpose, Melissa more than comes through for her team.

Players can also make use of Cuddles to knock back enemies that have gotten too close for comfort. In addition, it will also deal a 500-900 Magic Damage to opponents.



Brody has seen his share of nerfs in Mobile Legends but he still remains a solid Marksman. However, players will need a lot of experience before they can unlock the full potential of this character. While his basic attack is on the slower end, the double damage dealt in a single auto-attack makes Brody one of the best Marksman in Mobile Legends. Moreover, Brody can be quite strong in the early game and quite effective in one-on-one combats as well.

However, this character falls short later in the game. In addition, his stats do not hold up well against CC attacks.



This character is perfect for beginners that are not familiar with the Mobile Legends mechanics. The easiest Marksman to control, Bruno offers good attack range as well as 2 CC Skills. Moreover, players can use the ultimate for this character to stun and reduce the armor of enemies. This is an ideal character for players that like to play heavy with defense. Players will also get a high mobility with this character.



Agile Tiger Wanwan is one of the best Marksman in Mobile Legends due to her high mobility and kit. Players can decimate opposition with Wanwan’s high attack speed and high damage. Moreover, she is immune to CC effects and is especially effective against Close combat character like Fighters.

However, on the downside, players would need support from a Tank. Moreover, Wanwan’s effectiveness can really be compromised as she has low damage in the early part of the game.

These are the best Marksman in Mobile Legends right now. For the best overall Heroes in ML, check out Mobile Legends: Best Hero To Choose.