Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup, Gear, Hunting, Drops & More

Here you will find out about the Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup, monster drops, monster materials, and other relevant information.

The Hardrox is a typical Monster that spawns twice in a row during a single Monster era. To beat Hardrox, you must buckle up and play faster, as it will only be available on the Kingdom Map for 2 hours and 55 minutes, or before it dies. When you kill one of these monsters, another of the same kind spawns nearby. You can, however, use this Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup reference to effectively beat them.

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Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup

Hardrox has an incredibly powerful physical defense PDEF, making them almost immune to regular physical attacks. To beat Hardrox, you must use the formidable magical Lords Mobile Hardrox hero lineup. However, It is impossible to keep track of its appearances since they wander around anywhere on the map demanding you to be mindful all the time.


DMG Type Physical & Magic
Strong Against High PDEF
Weak Against Intelligence Heroes

Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup – Free

Here are the best free heroes lineups for Mega Maggot monster in Lords Mobile.

Levels Free Heroes
1 Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
2 Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
3 Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
4 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Bombin’ Goblin
5 Prima Donna, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Child of Light

Lords Mobile Hardrox Hero Lineup – Paid

Here are the best-paid heroes lineups for Mega Maggot monster in Lords Mobile.

Levels Paid Heroes
1 Twilight Priestess, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
2 Twilight Priestess, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
3 Twilight Priestess, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
4 Twilight Priestess, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Dream Witch
5 Twilight Priestess, Incinerator, Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Dream Witch

Monster Drop Rewards

Monster Lvl Material Speed Up Shield Gems Gold
1 Common General 60m 8h 200 15K
2 Uncommon General 3h 8h 400 50K
3 Rare General 8h 24h 600 50K
4 Epic General 15h 24h 800 200K
5 Legendary General 24h 3d 1000 600K

Monster Material Rewards

Besides the above drops, Hardrox also tends to drops the additional monster materials listed below which helps you craft Hardrox Set.

  • Aged Dragonglass
  • Golden Tooth
  • Keystone

Chest Rewards

The Hardrox rewards you with the Hero Chest, which features many trophies, awards, and medals for your heroes. The drop you earn is determined by your Chest grade.

Chest Grades Drops
Common Trophies
Uncommon Trophies/Shards
Rare Shards
Epic Shards/Medals
Legendary Shards/Medals

Since this chest is not for sale and can only be accessed by Guild Gifts and Event Prizes. And if you’re fortunate, you’ll get this chest after defeating monsters.

Lords Mobile Hardrox Gear

Sadly, Lords Mobile Hardrox is useful only to craft two gears:

  • Coarse Helm – A helmet that offers 35% Timber Production at Mythic (25% at Legendary), 21% Forging Speed (at Mythic), and 7% Training Speed.
  • Craggy Greaves – A leg equipment that offers 35% Ore Production at Mythic (again, only 25% at Legendary), with 14% Training Speed and 28% Gathering Speed.

This just helps to increase training and resource production. If you’re looking for gear that will give you an advantage in battle, you’ll have to explore something because these are useless.

Final Verdict

Hardrox in Lords Mobile is an average target who can be killed easily with the right INT hero lineups. Even though the drops you receive from this monster are pretty amazing he’s terrible in giving out essential materials to craft gears which can fetch you a bonus in the game. Only those who opt for paid materials will be benefited in fighting off Hardrox and craft precious loot.

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This is your all-in-one source for Lords Mobile Hardrox hero lineup, hunting, rewards, and skills. Stay tuned to GamesAdda because we will be publishing details about the other Lords Mobile Monsters shortly.