Genshin Impact: Wangshu Inn Cat Name – What is it?

Find out what the cat from Wangshu Inn is called.

Players can now win Mora with the Thousand Questions with Paimon quest in the 2.1 Update. The Wangshu Inn Cat name is one of the questions.

The Wangshu Inn is a landmark hotel in Genshin Impact, south of Dihua Marsh. This building sits on top of a large stone pillar. Verr Goldet and her husband Huai’an run the Inn. The inn has stalls where you can buy materials, food, and ingredients. Seeing Mt. Qingce and Jueyun Karst from the top of this building is an absolutely breathtaking experience.

What is the 1000 Questions with Paimon Quest?

In Genshin Impact, the Quest has been relaunched with the 2.1 Update. There is a daily earning limit of 50,000 Mora. Each day, 10 questions are launched and you receive 5000 Mora for a correct answer. During the event, the players will be able to earn up to 150,000 Mora.

In this quiz, some of the questions are really tricky and mind-boggling. The name of the cat is one of them. We have you covered, however.

What is the Wangshu Inn Cat name?

You might be trying to find the name of the cat in order to do the Thousand Questions with Paimon. You might have seen the cat in Wangshu Inn, but you might not have known its name. Wangshu Inn’s cat is named Wei.

Wei is actually introduced to us by Verr when you first interact with her. When you stand at the counter at Wangshu Inn, your character will stare at the cat continuously. There is also a backstory to the cat Wei.

Wangshu Inn Cat Name

Although there are many pets in Genshin Impact, including cats and dogs, Wei is special. A stray cat has been rescued by Verr and has lived with her since then. She is also an Upper-class NPC. Make sure you meet the cat the next time you’re at Wangshu Inn!

We hope you’re able to complete the Thousand Questions with Paimon using this Wangshu Inn Cat name. Find out how to unlock Palace in a Pool domain on Genshin Impact here