How To Increase Comfort Level In Valheim? Complete Guide

Challenging environment draining out your character's energy in the game? Then check this guide explaining how to increase the comfort level in Valheim.

All survival games feature a challenging setting, however, the rocky lands of Valheim can be more threatening and riskier than the other games in the genre. Therefore, it is quite essential to build a shelter for your protagonist to survive safely and stay warm. This is where the comfort gauge enters the picture, the most comfortable is the environment the more restful will be your character.

How To Increase Comfort Level In Valheim?

Valheim is a survival game at its essence, and to tackle the bumpy journey, you must keep the protagonist well-rested, which can be achieved by raising the level of comfort in the game. Several players struggle to keep the character relaxed when they move past their base or even when they’re in other habitats. Keeping your character comfortable and well-rested grants you “Rested Buff.” Without further ado let’s get started on how to increase the comfort level in Valheim.

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What Is Rested Buff?

Rested Buff in Valheim makes it easier for you to restore health by 50 percent and stamina by 100 percent quicker for quite a while. The duration of your Rested Buff increases with an increase in your comfort level. This allows the character to fully recover lost health and stamina faster.

Increase Comfort Level In ValheimHow-To-Increase-Comfort-Level-In-Valheim

You can boost the level of comfort in Valheim by designing a spacious shelter with furniture and a ventilated campfire. Items can generate comfort within a radius of 4-6 tiles around them. So, position things next to well-ventilated indoor campfires to see an increase in comfort.

Attain The Maximum Comfort

To achieve the optimum degree of comfort, you need to position different items around the campfire with a radius of 4-6 tiles. Check the table below to see how much additional comfort bonus you would earn.

Banners 1
Brazier 3
Camp Fire 3
Chairs 1
Deer Rug 3
Dragonbed 1
Lox Rug 1
Raventhrone 2
Wolf Rug 1

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Bear in mind the Deer, Lox, and Wolf rugs can be piled together. Perhaps you might grab the three rugs and pile them up to five of each surrounding the campfire. This is will earn you an extra conform bonus.

That’s all you need to learn about how to increase comfort level in Valheim.