Best Upcoming Mobile Games In 2022

Find out the best upcoming games you need to try out.

2022 has already been quite an exciting year for mobile gamers. We got to see the first mobile friendly Diablo title with Diablo Immortal, got Apex Legends Mobile, and many more exciting titles. However, 2022 is not done and there are a lot of upcoming mobile games that players should be excited about.

Curious to know more? Check out our list of the best upcoming mobile games in 2022.

Upcoming Mobile Games In 2022 That You Need To Try Out

This list only contains a select few of the games we will get to see in 2022. There are many other exciting games in the line-up but these are the best according to us.

Pokemon Sleep


Release: TBA

Platforms: Android, iOS

Players may have heard of pay-to-win but sleep-to-win may be a new concept for them. However, this is exactly what Japanese developers Select Button and Niantic have brought to life. In this game, a player’s sleep data (monitored by an external accessory) will contribute to their progress in the game.

However, it has been over 2 years since the game was first announced. The rumors of its release are more like Loch Ness sightings rather than actual fact.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened


Release: TBA

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Dive back into the magical world of Harry Potter 10 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Though this game has already been released in specific regions in 2021, it will have a global release in 2022.

It merges elements of Collectible Card Game, MMORPG, and strategic role play to give players an exciting trip back to Hogwarts. So, pack up the trunks and get ready to board the Hogwarts Express once more in this exciting new game.

Players can pre-register for this game on the Google play Store.

Project Ragnarok


Release: TBA

Platforms: Cross-Platform

As the name suggests, Project Ragnarok will be a game centered around Nordic mythology. It is an open-world adventure game that will have cross-platform support. The game has only been announced recently and not much is known about the project. However, it is expected to release for PC, Consoles and Mobile.

DC Heroes & Villains


Release: Expected October 20, 2022

Platforms: Android

DC games are generally well executed  apart from a few exceptions. This match-three puzzle game looks to be a promising addition to the former category. It blends the match-three mechanics with RPG elements.

However, the main intriguing draw for this DC game is that players do not have to stick to being heroes. They can be anyone they choose to be, villain or hero. So, get ready to step in the boots of Harley Quinn, the Joker, or the Batman depending entirely on your choice.

Plants Vs Zombies 3


Platforms: Android and iOS

This game has had more re-releases that we care to count and it is still not available globally. The game is now set to relaunch with a whole new look and some basic changes. We hope this run of PvZ 3 leads to the global release of the game. It is not technically an upcoming game as it has been released in select countries.

However, the majority of the world is still waiting eagerly for the latest installment of the game.

These are the best and most anticipated upcoming mobile games in 2022. For more mobile games, check out the Best RTS Games To Play On Mobile.