Tribes Of Midgard: All Enemy’s Elemental Weakness

Everyone has their weaknesses and in Tribes Of Midgard, enemies have some too.

Exploiting someone’s Weakness is not a good thing. But if the opponent is a Gigantic Brute or an Evil Spirit, then it’s okay to exploit their Weakness for our own good. Sometimes we think the Jotunns and the Hordes don’t have any Weaknesses, but it’s not true. In the Tribes Of Midgard, every Jotunn has its own different Elemental Weakness, some are afraid of Fire and some are afraid of Ice and the list goes on and on. Each Weakness has its dedicated Sword which you can make and equip accordingly and Defeat the Jotunns on the Battlefield easily. Here is the list of the Jotunns and their Elemental Weaknesses.

Tribes Of Midgard Enemy's Elemental Weakness

All Enemy’s Elemental Weaknesses in Tribes Of Midgard

The weaknesses are categorized into 4 different categories, which are Fire, Ice, Lighting, and Dark.

Enemies weak to Ice

  • Halogi
  • White Goblin Thrower
  • White Goblin Warrior
  • Amber Wolf
  • Brennálfar Archer
  • Brennálfar Warrior
  • Brennaúlfur

Enemies weak to Fire

  • Unfrozen Shield-Maiden
  • Unfrozen Warrior
  • Geirroor
  • Isulfur
  • White Wolf

Enemies weak to Dark

  • Blue Goblin Thrower
  • Blue Goblin Warrior
  • Jarnsaxa
  • Linnorm
  • Blue Tröll

Enemies weak to Lightning

  • Angrbooa
  • Dokkalfar Witch
  • Elite Seekling
  • Elite Vatling
  • Seekling
  • Bombling
  • Creepling
  • Dogling
  • Dokkalfar Archer
  • Dokkalfar Warrior
  • Vatling
  • Sireling
  • Twinling
  • Unsunken Shield-Maiden
  • Unsunken Warchief
  • Unsunken Warrior

As you can see there are many Jotunns who are weakened by the Dark, so picking the Dark Sword can be beneficial for you. But keep this in your mind that you can only pick one Sword at a time, and when the Jotunns arrive they come randomly, so you never know which Brute or Evil Spirit will appear in front of you. Sometimes the plan can go wrong, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll loose. So just don’t be dependent on the sword and the enemy’s elemental weakness and also try to improve your gameplay. If you’re wondering about How Many Classes and Runes are there in Tribes of Midgard, we’ve got you covered.