Tarkov Status Code 522: How To Fix It In 2022?

Escape From Tarkov isn't without its share of bugs and errors.

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer action RPG that has engrossed a large number of players. The game has been getting regular updates to keep things interesting. Airdrops were the latest of such updates. They became a regular feature in the game recently. However, even with the regular updates, Escape From Tarkov isn’t without its share of troubles. The game has dealt with a number of bugs and errors already. These include Tarkov Error 106015, Launcher Not Working, as well as Tarkov Status Code 522. If you’ve experienced the last, we will discuss in detail what Tarkov Status Code 522 is and how you can fix it.

Tarkov Status Code 522

What Is It?

Status Code 522 is not limited to Tarkov. It is basically an indication that Cloudflare is unable to reach the origin web server. Due to this, the request times out and players get the Code 522 notification. Since this is a server error, there are only a limited number of options with players trying to fix it. Note that if the error is on the end of Tarkov servers, there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it. You will just have to wait for the game developers to fix the problem. You can check if the game is undergoing maintenance through its social media pages. However, if the problem is not at the end of EFT, there are a few fixes you can try. These are listed below.

Escape From Tarkov EFT Status Code 522

How To Fix Tarkov Status Code 522?

Restart The Launcher

The first way to fix the issue is to restart the EFT launcher. This simple fix has sorted the code error for some players. Since it’s the easiest fix on the list, players should attempt this first. If it does not fix the problem move on to the next fix.

Blocked Cloudflare Requests

Often blocked Cloudflare requests can cause the Tarkov Status Code 522. In order to avoid this, ensure that Cloudflare IPs are not blocked anywhere including your firewall. Your hosting provider can also block requests from Cloudflare IPs. Contact the host in such a case to unblock Cloudflare requests.

Contact Cloudflare Support

If none of the solutions work, contact Cloudflare support and file a ticket with them. You will need to be patient while the problem is sorted out though. Tickets aren’t addressed immediately at times. Be patient for Cloudflare to look into the situation.

Ensure The Issue Is Not From EFT Servers 

Check Escape From Tarkov maintenance posts to ensure the servers aren’t down or undergoing maintenance. If this is the issue, you will have to wait for Tarkov developers to fix it from their end. There is nothing that you can do to fix Status Code 522 if the server error is on the game server end.

Whitelist IPs

Sometimes Status Code 522 might only occur in certain locations in Tarkov. This is likely due to the fact that IPs are not whitelisted for those locations. Whitelist the corresponding IPs and then check back to see if the problem has been fixed.

Contact The Escape From Tarkov Helpline

If none of the solutions work for you, contact the Tarkov helpline to seek further assistance. List out all the measures you have already tried to fix the issue in order to save time when you file an assistance request. A lot of times the helpline might ask you to try out fixes that you have already tried out so listing them beforehand can be quite handy.

These are all the measures that can help you fix the Tarkov Status Code 522 and get back to uninterrupted gaming. Meanwhile, check out Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Promo Codes List Wiki (January 2022) to boost up your gameplay.