Tailed Demon Slayer Tips & Tricks (Beginners Guide)

Here are all the Tailed Demon Slayer tips & tricks for you.

Tailed Demon Slayer is an Android mobile idle RPG developed by CookApps. This is an action RPG, where the Fox battles against a Swarm of Fiends. The story is about Bestia Kingdom where the Lich King has returned from the dead in order to lead the army of zombies. The Lich King wants to take over the kingdom, and between these conflicts, many lives are lost and allies have turned. Only you, the Tailed Demon Slayer can save them from getting destroyed. If you want to be the savior of the Bestia, then here are some tips and tricks for you.

Tailed Demon Slayer Tips & Tricks for Beginners

tips and tricks tailed demon slayer

It might seem easy at first but when you’ll face the Behemoth Bosses, Pesky Undead Warriors, and many more enemies, then things might become difficult for you. If you’re a beginner or looking for some guidance, then you’ve come to the right place. We have all the tips and tricks for you, which will help you in Tailed Demon Slayer.

Maximum Efficiency

These kinds of idle games usually play themselves and there are also some tricks, which can speed up your progress.

  • In manual mode you can dodge the attacks normally, but the auto mode helps you press the skill button faster than human hands could.
  • Auto mode also allows you to view the equipment stats easily.

So if you need a boost and want to make your fox maximum efficient, then go ahead and switch it to auto mode.

Ads Are Important

As we all know ads spoil the flow of the game and they’re everywhere. However, in this game they are important and they might give you rewards and bonuses. So whenever you see an ad, just spare a few seconds and obtain the rewards for free. Here is a list of all bonuses and rewards the ads in Tailed Demon Slayer can give.

  • Afk login bonuses
  • Four Leaf Clover buffs
  • Reduces Fairy Cage opening time
  • Give you more Dungeon attempts

Maximum 2 Weapons For Campaign Mode

There are 4 types of weapons in Tailed Demon Slayer

  • Great Sword – This weapon has a wide radius and raw damage/attack powers.
  • Bow – It is a long-ranged weapon and has the ability to kill the enemies one at a time.
  • Daggers – These are twin-blade that releases Toxic Gas and damage the enemy even more.
  • Staff – This weapon gives the player control over the Elements and also specialization in Debuffs.

So now you know what Tailed Demon Slayer weapons can do. The player can only carry 2 weapons with them. However, switching the right blade at the time is the key to winning. We recommend you to focus only on 2 weapons and upgrade only those to their fullest, rather than upgrading all weapons.

Pick The Right Masters

In Tailed Demon Slayer, the masters are the upgradable perks that instantly improve the way your Fox fights. These perks are the best way to make your fox stronger. the masters are divided into 4 categories which are:

  • Skill – Skill Master perk grants the Fox extra skill damage, less skill and weapons cooldowns, and also provides Lifesteal while using the skill.
  • Talent – Talent Master perk focuses on the overall performance of Fox, and also improves the money that Fox can generate.
  • Battle – Battle Master perk focuses on the survival of your fox and increases the damage against the normal and boss enemies. It also provides a buff every time a normal attack is used.
  • Assist – Assist Master perk improves how far the Fox goes and returns. It also improves how quickly the fox progresses in the game when you’re offline.

Go ahead and pick the right master which will help your Fox grow.

Run Dungeons

If you want some good loots in Tailed Demon Slayer, then the Dungeon feature is just for you. There are around 4 different Dungeons in the game. However, these Dungeons collect all the loots that enemies drop while battling. It also helps you in fulfilling the objectives.

  • Gold Dungeon – The main objective of this Dungeon is to Destroy the wandering cults of gold. These wanderers will not do an intense attack, but they will keep trying their best. They can be only stopped when they’re killed. However, this Dungeon will only give the golds, when the players fulfill the Gold collecting limit.
  • Gemstone Dungeon – In order to take the huge gemstone home, you have to work for it and defend it. The player has to defend the gem, that is kept in the middle of the map for 10 waves. Just try to not end up empty-handed and also lose the Run Attempt.
  • Equipment Dungeon – Here the player has to fight the powerful box hoarding all the equipment’s. But on the bright side, there is no time limit in this Dungeon. We recommend you to use the Four Leaf Clover buffs before entering the match.
  • Equipment Scroll Dungeon – In this dungeon the player has to fight a tower full of Bosses and their Undead minions. You can only win in this dungeon by fulfilling the meter before the time runs out. This is the biggest dungeon in Tailed Demon Slayer and also the biggest opportunity to win a lot of loots. This dungeon will also help you upgrade your fox’s equipment easily.

If you didn’t manage to finish the mission in one go, don’t worry you can always get an extra attempt via ads. But as a downside, there’s a cooldown for hours after every attempt. So just try to run into dungeons and win all the exciting rewards.

Level Up Your Fox, Equipment, and Fairies

For doing all the previously mentioned things, your fox needs to be strong in the first place. Leveling up your stats will help your fox gain more strength, and more powerful skills. The thing that makes the Tailed Demon Slayer challenging is that the game doesn’t allow low stat fox’s into certain areas. So just aim at leveling up your Fox, their Equipment, and Fairies.
Here are some stats that you should prioritize and level up.

  • Attack – You should level up this stat because it affects the total damage of your Fox.
  • Health – Leveling this up is the only way to make your fox survive.
  • Health Recovery – This helps the Fox to heal their injuries and restore their health after taking the hits.

If you want your fox to win, then these are the 3 stats that you should surely level up.

These are all the Tips and Tricks for Tailed Demon Slayer, that you should give a try. If you want to try more kinds of RPGs, then here is a list of the 10 best MMORPGs for you, go ahead and check it out.