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Survivor.io: How To Progress Faster?

There are multiple things to keep in mind when playing Survivor.io.

Survivor.io is a zombie survival RPG. As a warrior with unlimited potential, you are tasked with saving the city and fighting back against the horde of dangerous zombies. However, there may be times in the game when you feel stuck and unable to move further. This Survivor.io guide will provide you with tips that will help you progress faster.

How To Progress Faster In Survivor.io?


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There are multiple things to keep in mind when playing Survivor.io. Everything from your character’s health to their level could be hampering your progress in the game. This is why we have compiled a list of all the things that can help you move forward faster in the game.

Upgrade Your Character Consistently

Consistency is the key when it comes to character upgrades in the game. The Evolve section contains any pending upgrades that you might have. If you have enough Gold, you should acquire them for your character. With each upgrade, it will get easier for you to survive in the game.

Collect Ham To Maintain Your Health

Ham is one of the few items that can help you restore your health. They are strewn all along the map and can be found by breaking the boxes and objects. These boxes can have a number of random drops including a piece of Ham. When consumed this will restore some amount of your health which is crucial to surviving in the game.

Upgrade Your Gear

Just like your character, it is also important to upgrade your gear. Upgrade the best quality gears that you have and keep swapping weaker gears for better ones. This will definitely improve your chances of surviving longer.

Keep Collecting Powerups

Powerups can drastically change the game and help you progress faster in Survivor.io. Powerups such as Magnet can pick up every single experience crystal on the ground across the entire map. This is obviously quite helpful as you can level up multiple times using these crystals. If you would rather go for an offensive powerup, the Bomb can destroy every single opponent that is on your screen. To maximize the output for these powerups, pick the Magnet when there are plenty of experience crystals on the screen. Similarly, pick the Bomb when you are surrounded by opponents and need a quick getaway.

Item Evolution

One item that players often ignore in Survivor.io is the Evolution Items which can considerably speed up your progress. Some Items can be evolved after they have reached the max level. However, you will need evolution items like a Weapon with its respective Passive item. After you have both the items and your weapon has been upgraded to level 5, you can choose to evolve them to a single better weapon.

These are all the tips that can help you progress through Survivor.io much faster. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Get The Whistling Arrow In Survivor.io?