How To Become Stockbroker In BitLife

Here's how players can set their sights on a Stockbroking career.

BitLife is a text life simulator game where players carry a character through their entire life. Players can choose to take up any career they want in their BitLife. However, many careers have specific requirements that players will need to fulfill before they are accepted for the job. The Stockbroker career is one of the more demanding ones in BitLife. We will explain all the things players will need to accomplish before embarking on this career path.

BitLife: How To Become A Stockbroker?


To start on their journey to become a Stockbroker, players will first require a University Degree. This means that players will need to have high Smarts stats. To get successfully accepted into a University, a player’s Smarts stats must be higher than 70. Smarts can be raised by reading books, watching a documentary, or going to the library. There are other ways to raise the Smarts as well. Players can learn about it in detail with How To Get Smarts Up In BitLife?

Once players have graduated high school, they will get the option to enroll in University. Now, players must choose a business-oriented degree to pursue in order to maximize their chances of getting a job. Subjects like Economics, Finance, or Marketing are ideal for players that later want to pursue a Stockbroker job in BitLife. Now players just have to keep their grades up and successfully graduate from the University.

After graduating, players can pursue jobs available to them at the time. Players should browse through the jobs till they see a Stockbroker opening. If there is no such position available at the time, players can choose to age up their character and recheck the listings next year. Once players find the appropriate job, they should apply for it. This will bring up a prompt question for players to answer sort of like a job interview. If players answer correctly, they will be offered the job. However, if players answer the question incorrectly, they can always reapply and try a different option.

In addition to this, if a player’s character has a criminal record their chances of getting the job are very low. Players must maintain a clean record for their character so they can easily become a Stockbroker in BitLife.

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