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Smite: How To Unlock Gods

Want to unlock all Gods in Smite? Check out this guide.

Smite is a MOBA game. Here players are accompanied by gods and goddesses. And not all characters are mythical beings from folklore and ancient mythologies. There are some characters from tales too. But at large, they are divided into Pantheons like Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, Arthurian and more. So, if you are wondering how to unlock Gods in Smite, read this guide.

How to Get Gods in Smite

Get Gods In Smite

There are prominently six ways of unlocking and obtaining Gods in this game; Favor, Gems, Level up, Codes, Ultimate God Pack, and Season Pass. Let us learn about them in detail.

Through Favor

Favor is an in-game currency player can use to unlock or rent Gods. You can collect these Favors by completing the basic tutorial, winning matches, as a level-up reward, First Win of the Day, and weekly and daily quests.

Using Gems

Gems are another micro currency of this game. They are hard to acquire in comparison to Favor. And you can get them as daily reward, in special events, with real money, or using a Steam wallet. If you use consoles like PS, Nintendo, and Microsoft, then from their stores too.

Season Pass

These passes are purchasable with real currency from an online console or game store. It is a DLC that unlocks all the gods released in the same year. And you also get Cosmetic Items, gems, Voice Pack, God Skin, Emotes, and more from them.

Ultimate God Pack

This is also Downloadable Content that unlocks all Gods available at the time of purchase and those getting released in the future. Plus, all Gods you purchased with Favor will be refunded.

Bonus for Level Up

This method usually works for new players. As they are offered exciting bonuses to level up faster. And to level up, players need XP, which can be gathered from Conquest, Joust, special events, and the First Win of the day.


Unfortunately, there are no active GodS codes for now. We will update the list as soon as we find the working ones.

These are all available methods to unlock or obtain Gods in Smite. If you found this guide knowledgeable. Then also read how to unlock Ranked matches and link accounts in Smite.