Top 20 Best Mods For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (November 2022)

Here are top 20 favourite Skyrim VR mods.

We have Skyrim VR on PC and now the question stands, which mods are the best? The answer might be a tad different for the VR version of the game so we gave our best to encompass a comprehensive list of recommended mods. Our goal with these mods is to put in as much as we can that still retains a lore-friendly approach to the game and make it better.

Here Are All The Best Skyrim VR Mods (November 2022)

Skyrim 2017 Textures

This one is actually an amalgamation of several different mod files, each of which targets different sectors of the game textures from the landscapes and bridges to cities and mountains. The better GPU that you have, the better your performance will be but the visual improvement is absolutely worth it.

Flora Overhaul

Makes the plants and grass and trees look way better and greener.

HD Road Signs

Road signs in vanilla Skyrim are not at all readable and they just look downright blurry in VR. This fixes that.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Textures and meshes are two exclusively mutual things. You don’t really need to know the difference, but just understand that you’ll want this mod on top of the Skyrim 2017 Textures mod to address the areas that are unmissable.


Skyrim does not boast of the best-looking character faces. It’s a fact that Bethesda still struggles to make a decent looking NPC. Luckily, modders are helping with this nifty mod.

Realistic Water Two

This mod aims to improve all of the water throughout the entire game to make it look better. Standing beside a peaceful lake or watching a cascading waterfall in VR is extremely soothing. Make sure and grab the LOD fix as well.

Vivid Weathers

The moment you got the base visuals and textures enhanced, this mod is really the icing on the cake. It will improve all of the weather effects and really make Skyrim feel like the dangerous wild that it is.

Realistic Light Overhaul (RLO)

Touted to be the most comprehensive lighting mod, but not 100% confirmed that it really works with Skyrim VR. This one is great for non-VR Skyrim though.

Enhanced Blood Textures

A customizable mod for the blood detail, color, and splatter size, so that, it feels like even more of a badass warrior while playing.

Best Skyrim VR Sound Mods

Sounds of Skyrim Complete

Chirping birds outside, creepy moans in dungeons, or the chatter of townsfolk all help to give the game an engaging look. This mod adds a ton of great fun-articulated audio to the game that felt missing before.

3D Audio

The default audio is blunt and kind of inaccurate in Skyrim VR and it fixes this.

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

Sounds are supposed to echo and bounce off of surfaces. This mod helps everything sound and feel much more realistic.

Best Skyrim VR Immersion Mods

JK’s Skyrim All-in-One

This is another mod collection that adds a slew of lore-appropriate detail to every city.

Lanterns of Skyrim

There weren’t always many light sources prevailing around at night time, so this fixes that.

Obsidian Mountain Fogs

At times, the draw distance is a bit crowded with trees and mountains and other objects, so this actually adds some atmospheric fog in the distance round mountains. It’s a great effect and helps to hide some of the draw distance issues.

Book Covers Skyrim

A lot of the book covers look like trash and are on repeat throughout the game. This one makes every book and readable object unique.

Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Some people hate how much of dramatizing the ragdoll can be in the base game, so this can tone it down for you.

Magical College of Winterhold

This one just goes on to add a bunch of minor magical-themed enhancements to the college to make it feel more like a proper Mage’s College.

Birds of Skyrim

This one adds a bunch of varied birds which is the only eye-catching element of the mod, to be honest.

Immersive Citizens

This mod does a lot, but the short version is that it tends to make NPCs behave more realistically. Definite must-have for immersion.

Immersive Patrols

Adds lore-appropriate guards and soldiers to the world on patrol paths. They can support you in battle if nearby and even fight each other when they cross paths.

More Bandit Camps

Exactly what it says. Adds more bandits sprinkled around the wilderness.

Schools of the Holds

It always is a bothering fact how isolated the College of Winterhold was, so this adds school outposts to the major cities.

Wards Act Like Shields

It never made sense to me why wards couldn’t block melee attacks — this made mages feel underpowered at times. This mod fixes that.