Sims 4 UI Cheats (July 2022) – Download Link For Extension v1.24

All of the functional UI cheat codes for Sims 4 are listed below, along with instructions on how to activate them.

Wait, before you skip straight to The Sims 4 UI cheats especially if you are a newbie. There are a few things you should be informed of. Therefore, kindly bear with me for the next few minutes. Only then you’ll be able to use the cheat codes correctly.

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The Sims 4 UI Cheats – 2022

Here, you don’t follow the usual cheat activation process. The UI Cheats Extension v1.24 enables you to utilize numerous cheats just by clicking on the UI rather than entering a command. Also, before using the cheats it’s best to go over the recent changelog.


UI Cheats Extension v1.24

The changelog updated on 04/27/2022 and here’s the complete modification list.

  • Updated for The Sims 4 v1.73.48.
  • Introduced a fresh holiday tradition cheat.
  • Introduced a brand-new CAS autofill cheat.
  • Perk point & perk unlocking cheat not workable for retail shops, restaurants, & vet clinics fixed.
  • Since Journey to Batuu is not enabled, the incorrect text labels for bits and pieces fixed.


The Sims 4 UI Cheats List

Before we begin, keep in mind that enabling the cheats is as simple as right-clicking and dragging the feature for which cheats are provided.

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For instance, if the feature is NEEDS BAR then right-click on the needs bar, and Set Value cheat (value will change from -100 to 100) will be enabled.

Feature Cheat Function
Needs bar Set value from -100 to 100
Money counter Get $1000
Money counter Set household funds for Simoleons, Galactic Credits, bits & pieces
Sim in a relationship panel Set friendship/romance value from -100 to 100
Moodlet Removes moodlet
Aspiration goal Fulfills the goal
Skill bar Set level
In-Game clock beneath the speed control Set time from 0 to 23
Character value meter Set value from -100 t0 100
Promotion Task Completed the task
Daily task Completed the task
Prep task Completed the task
Work from home Completed the task
Work/School performance bar Set value from -100 to 100
Job icon in a career panel Promotes/demotes/changes career branch/changes current branch level
Fame/Reputation meter in Simology panel Select a rank
An event goal (for parties, dates, and active careers) Complete the event goal
A  perk (for clubs, retail shops, restaurants, vet clinics, celebrities, vampires, spellcasters, or satisfaction rewards) Locks/unlocks the perk
An age progress bar Add/subtract the no of days passed at the current age stage
Vampire/spellcaster XP progress bar on the needs panel Rank up or rank down
An eco-footprint icon under the speed controls Set the lot footprint or the neighborhood footprint from -500 to 500
University course icon in the career panel Set grade from -100 to 100
Season icon under the speed controls Changes the current season
Weather icon under the speed controls Changes the current weather
Spell or a potion in the spellbook Unlocks it
An achievement Unlocks it
A perk point counter (for clubs, businesses, occults, celebrities, and influence) Sets them
An enacted policy on the NAP voting panel Repels the policy
The green NAP title bar in the Simology panel Opens the NAP voting panel of the current neighborhood (even if your Sim does not live in this neighborhood)
Batuu faction reputation bar Set rank
University organization exp bar Set rank
University organization task to complete it Completes task
A holiday tradition to complete it Completes task
Check button in CAS Randomizes names, traits, and aspirations (to quickly create a Sim for testing purposes)

UI Cheats Extension Download Link


  • Just extract the zip file.
  • Place both the files, package & script in your mods folder.

That’s The Sims 4 UI cheats you were looking for. Also, check out the best Sims 4 Woohoo Mod.


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