How To Defeat Remnant: From The Ashes Boss Dreamer/Nightmare?

Here's a step-by-step instruction on destroying Dreamer/Nightmare in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Remnant: From The Ashes is by far the most terrifying survival game you’ll ever encounter. Because you are the only survivor of humankind in this third-person shooter game, dominating the post-apocalyptic planet full of nasty monsters will be anything but easy.

You’ll have a difficult time reclaiming and restoring the human losses, and fighting bosses will be even more difficult. But do you know what’s even scarier? In Remnant: From The Ashes, the main boss, Dreamer/Nightmare, will put your patience to the test. As a result, you should read this guild all the way through to make the fight less painful.

Remnant: From The Ashes – Dreamer/Nightmare Guide

You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to attack the main boss. This is because the fight is split into two phases, each with its own range of mechanisms and difficulties. In Ward 17, you’ll face Dreamer/Nightmare, the boss.

In the first phase, you fight Dramer, but in the second part, the same monster turns into a Nightmare. Let’s see how to get victory over them. But first, we must learn about their attack powers.

Dreamer Attacks

  • Volley – Dreamer takes a quick break during the fight and then attacks you with three projectiles all of a sudden.
  • Spin – Dreamer spins up close to you, dealing light harm. It attacks more forcefully as it destabilizes. It draws you into the tornado and then attacks you dealing major damage.
  • Tentacle Attack – It descends to the ground and hits it twice, with a brief interval in between. This eventually activates its vertical fire burst and attacks you.

Nightmare Attacks

  • Volley – Dreamer develops wings once it transforms into a Nightmare in Remnant: Of The Ashes. After that, he launches a volley of massive energy orbs at you.
  • Nightmare Realm – This is the most disturbing attack of all. It transports you to another world. Each second in the realm, you take damage. In addition, you confront waves of enemies every passing second.

How To Beat Dreamer/Nightmare (Final Boss)?

You now have a better understanding of their abilities. It’s time to figure out how to take it down correctly, so read the instructions below.

  • As said earlier, in the first phase you encounter Dreamer.
  • To deal extra damage make shooting Dreamer’s head the main target.
  • Kill it before the dealy root reinforcements sprouts.
  • Try and escape its attacks by maintaining a safe distance.
  • Run, jog, jump and avoid colliding with missiles.
  • When he gets closer to start the spin attack, move back, and attack its head repeatedly.
  • As the battle becomes increasingly tough to keep, make sure it doesn’t crash to the floor and start spinning.
  • Roll away as soon as you notice it drawing you closer, and wait for him to start spinning before attacking. You will be spared from its lethal tentacles with this technique.
  • When you escape the fire attack, the second onslaught begins right away, and during that, you must fight off the mini-bosses.
  • After you’ve battled the Dreamer, you’ll be greeted with the second phase, Nightmare in Remnant: From The Ashes. REMNANT-NIGHTMARE.jpg
  • It is a bird-like boss less deadly than Dreamer. But the catch is it is more resistant hence bullets will be no use here.
  • There is only one approach to kill this boss. When you’re in the Nightmare’s Shadow realm, you have to keep slaying enemies nonstop.
  • In the world, each kill doubles the damage however with each second your health drops too.
  • Try to defeat the Nightmare as quickly as possible since the longer you linger, the more difficult opponents you’ll face, as well as previous bosses.
  • As a result, be sure to slay at least 8 mini-bosses in the realm before returning to eventually destroy the Nightmare.
  • You must again concentrate on smashing the Nightmare’s head. However, you will only succeed if its shield is removed. Maximum kills in Shadow really benefit you here, since it serves the job of removing the shield. If buffed effect weapon mod fire is activated, its shield can be shattered.
  • Then, within the Nightmare, aim for the Dreamer’s head. You’ll be sent back to the Shadow world as Nightmare regains its shield. Attempt to kill a large number of enemies in order to retrieve buffs and powers and come back through the portal.
  • Repeat until you gain victory over the Nightmare as well.


Here’s a fantastic tip that will help you tremendously. While defeating the main boss, seek the assistance of another player. While you fight the Nightmare, on the other hand, assign him the responsibility of another dimension. This will simplify the main boss fight.


Your efforts in successfully killing the Dreamer/Nightmare earn you the following resources.

  • Orb of Undoing
  • Dreamer’s Mana
  • 2,000 scraps
  • Mind’s Eye Trait

Bottom Line

You must get familiar with all of the bosses in Remnant: From The Ashes and their attacking skills. This will assist you in developing an appropriate plan, and you will not be caught off guard on the battlefield.

That’s the attack plan for Dreamer/Nightmare in Remnants: From The Ashes. Did you found the guide helpful? Then you must also check out Remnant: From The Ashes Complete Walkthrough.