Red Velvet Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom(CRK)

The Red Velvet is a Charge type Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action RPG with gacha mechanics.  Players can get a lot of cookies in the game with different characteristics. The Red Velvet Cookie was introduced in the Tiers of Sweet Chaos update and is an antagonist in CRK. Today, we will take a look at how players can get and use this cookie in the game.

How To Obtain The Red Velvet Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom?


Players can roll for the Red Velvet Cookie from the regular Gacha draw. However, the chances of players drawing this cookie here are rare. Players will have a much better chance of drawing the Red Velvet Cookie if they try the Featured Cookie draw instead.

This is a Charge type cookie with a special ability called the Crimson Hand. It allows players to drag, stun, and deal damage to the opponent. He has a 20 second base Cooldown and can Stun opponents for 5.0 seconds.

Best Toppings For The Red Velvet Cookie In CRK

The Red Velvet  is a Charge type cookie and his position is prioritized to the Front. This makes the cookie a great damage dealer. Players will do well if they go with five Solid Almonds and use the Red Velvet as a tank.

Alternatively, players can also choose to boost this cookie as a DPS and go with five Searing Raspberry. Lastly, players can choose to use the well balanced approach and get five Swift Chocolate.

These are some of the best toppings for the Red Velvet Cookie in Cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom. However, the best topping largely depends on the sort of role players want this cookie to play. So, players must choose the toppings according to the strategy they are going with.

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