Pikmin Bloom: How To Get Coins?

Here is a guide for you to get coins in the game!

Are you stuck with Olimar in an unknown place and want to get out of there by earning coins and repairing your spaceship in Pikmin Bloom ? If yes, then here is a guide that will help you get maximum coins in the game. Collect the coins, repair your spaceship to return to your motherland as soon as you can!

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How To Earn Coins In Pikmin Bloom?

The Coins in Pikmin Bloom are the premium currency that can be only obtained by planting flowers. It is quite easy to plant flowers with the help of little Pikmin in the game. All you have to do is take a walk around and keep planting maximum flowers. Read further to know how to plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom.

Steps To Plant Flowers In Pikmin Bloom

  • Launch the game and start your walk in the game.
  • Find and click on a flower button from the bottom right corner of your screen. This will ensure that flowers will be planted after your every step.
  • Before you do that make sure you have enough petals collected in your inventory. If you don’t have enough petals first collect petals from the blooming Pikmin.
  • The number of flowers that can be planted depends on the number of petals you have in your cart. So make sure you have enough petals to plant at least more than 500 flowers at a time.
  • Once you gather enough petals start your walk by switching the flower button ON, plant flowers, and make your way to the coins in Pikmin Bloom.

How Do We Get Coins By Planting Flowers In Pikmin Bloom?

When you plant 500 flowers successfully in Pikmin Boom you are rewarded with 1 coin in the game (500 Flowers = 1 Coin). Similarly to make coins you will have to plant 500 flowers per coin. There is no other way to get coins for free in the game. If you find this method a little time-consuming and tedious then we have another way for you to get coins in the game.

Another way to get coins in Pikmin Bloom is by purchasing them with real-world money. You can head to the in-game shop and purchase some coins by making online payments there.

Coins are essential currencies in the game that help you to buy different parts of the spaceship and many other things in the game. Therefore plant as many flowers as you can or buy them from the shop to make maximum coins in Pikmin Bloom.