How To Get Your Own Pet Pen In Game Of Sultans?

Here is a guide on how to build your own pet pen in Game Of Sultans.

The Game of Sultans has come up with a new addition in their game on the occasion of their third anniversary. This new feature allows players to build their own pet pen in Game of Sultans.

With this update, all the players are now adopting wild and special animals. They can pet them from little cubs till they become big guys.

These cute little cubs are going to become your powerful allies to help you build your empire when they are fully matured. They will not be just your accessory pet.

All you have to do is select any three animals of your choice, pet them till they mature, gain their trust. In return, these animals will help you with gifts, news, and stories of their travel. Pet pen upgrade reward you with upgrading your viziers, which will help you during the war.

Game of Sultans has come up with some more features along with Pen Pet like Michael the mischievous cat event, serendipity salon, and the anniversary birthday celebration, etc. to make this game more interesting for all the players.

How Will You Choose Your Pet in Game Of Sultans?

Game of sultans Pet pen

At the start, you will be asked to choose one pet from the three options. There are a set of events through which you will get your other two animals in the game of Sultans.
Now how will you choose your first animal? It’s simple! When you will be resting in the garden of your palace you will suddenly see three animals playfully fighting entering your from your gate making unusual sounds like barking growls and hisses. They will be playing with a ball of string which they will pass you. When they pass this ball towards you, whichever pet you throw this string ball to first will become your first pet.

Where will you keep your Pet Pen

Once you have your pet, you will have to build a shelter or pen for your pet. The Pet Pen is a place where you can play and interact with your pets. The craftsman will help you to build one inside the palace in the Game of Sultans.

When you gift something to the pets they will also offer gifts to you as a token of their love for you. Isn’t it the cutest gesture of them? This exchange of gifts and love will build trust between player and pet.

This pet pen can act as a paradise for players after having a long day to chill with their furry pets. You can also expand your pet pen and improve the strength of your empire.

Pet Exploration: Game of Sultans

Pets are also allowed to explore outside their pet pen in the outside world in Game Of Sultans. When your pet is on an adventure trip they will get you rewards like treasure, food, or even a pet too. They can also return with some exciting news, stories, and anecdotes which they will share with you.

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