Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail – Detailed Guide For All Requests

This guide will help you complete all the Persona 5 Strikers prison mail requests and win exciting rewards.

Persona 5 Strikers allows you to level and combine your Persona in the Velvet Room just like in the original Persona 5. You can also get requests during the main quest that will need you to unlock a particular Persona. Usually, this is a mix of obtaining a Persona with the expertise to derive from the other Persona.

This might take a lot of hard work, luckily, we’ve made things easier. All you have to do is take a peek below and get back to taking down the Shadows.

Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail Requests

Just as you used to rank your social link with Justine and Carolina higher in Persona 5 by delivering them with specially fused persona featuring distinct skills, you’ll be fusing Lavenza in Persona 5 Strikers. Though there isn’t any deadline to complete the tasks, however, you may miss out on bonuses.

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How To Complete Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail Missions?

There are 9 mail requests in Persona 5 Strikers, each demanding a particular fusion. Simply fuse the suggested Persona, head to the Velvet Room’s menu, and Lavenza right away confirms that you do have what she requested for and finally you can submit the completed request from the menu after returning to the real world. Let’s get started with the Persona 5 Strikers prison mail quests.

Prison Mail Part 1: Archangel With Amrita Drop

A persona that you choose to fuse inherently understands the process that creation needs them to. Here, Huo Po learns Amrita drop at level 14 and you can fuse Huo Po either of the two ways mentioned below.

  • Joker begins Persona 5 Strikers with Arsene who has to be level 16 to be used in this power. You probably haven’t retained him in your roster to this level, but you can invoke him and use the Persona Points to push him to level 16.
  • Or simply summon High Pixie and fuse them with Huo Po.

Prison Mail Part 2: Eligor With Divine Grace

Leverage Ame-no-Uzume and Lilim to fuse Eligor with Divine Grace. You will already have Lilim leveled properly from Jail 3. However, you have to fuse Ame-no-Uzume and bring him to level 29. Make sure you have some spare Persona points as you may have to fuse one at level 23. Ame-no-Uzume will discover Divine Grace in the process itself.

Prison Mail Part 3 – Kaiwan With Makouga

You are likely to have Kaiwan with you as you fight them in Jail 3 so all you have to do is follow the regular fusion trail and fuse the masks you obtained for Principality and Setanta in Jail 3 and generate Kaiwan. Principality learns Makouga, so you are prepared to get Kaiwan trapped and loaded without any troubles.

Prison Mail Part 4 – Mitra With Regenerate 1

Once again, fuse Setanta and the Principality just like you did for Prison Mail Part, the only difference this time is that Setanta masters the skills in question.

Prison Mail Part 5 – Unicorn With Zionga

Here, fuse Shiisaa and Succubus as quickly as possible. The electric Persona Shiisaa learns Zionga and submitting this quest will accelerate the skill limit for Joker’s Wild.

Prison Mail Part 6 – Queen Mab With Technical Adept

For this quest, Kaiwan comes back for the first and final time and learns the technical adept. This expertise is important to end up on the ol’ Queen Mab menu. Fuse the new Kaiwan with Kikuri Hime, and you will get the Mab that is needed to satisfy this request. Once you submit the quest, your skill cap for bond perks will spike thereby boosting your persona abilities.

Prison Mail Part 7 – Trumpeter With Diarahan

Here, Norn learns Diarahan and you can use Kikuri-Hime Persona once again.

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Prison Mail Part 8 – Cu Chulainn With Concentrate

This quest doesn’t require you to fuse anything since you will be eligible for a Concentrate skill card at this stage. Just slap that on -Cu Chulainn and mission will be achieved.

Prison Mail Part 9 – Dominion With Nuke Amp

In the final quest, you are required to fuse the Mot (who knows Nuke Amp) with the most preferred marine monster Forneus.

To conclude, Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail quests are worth the effort because they get you a lot of rewards. These rewards are a nice opportunity to fuse more and exchange your Persona whenever you desire. Your Persona can predominantly be powerful than Joker’s and skillful.

I hope, this guide comes in handy to you. Have a great time fusing your Persona’s.