Online Rummy Or Other Mobile Games: Which One Do You Prefer More? Here Is A Guide To Help You Out!

Everything you should know about online rummy and other mobile games to pull you out of your dilemma

If you an avid online rummy player, you know the kind of amazing features that makes it popular. Let’s stir the pot and pit online rummy against other mobile games.

Duration of the Game


Online rummy: The history or origin of the game dates back to Indian culture. In recent times, you are first introduced to this game at a family gathering. It is indeed an enjoyable game to play. So, with the current digital trend, the moment this game went online, Indians experienced this same passion for rummy when they played it on their smartphones. The online game is going real strong.

Other mobile games: Mobile games were introduced back in the 90s when the device’s utility was just gaining ground. So, the games that we are playing on our smartphones today have recently started becoming popular as compared to rummy. They have a restricted shelf life, before users move forward to the next game.

An Acceptable Game?


Online rummy: The most acceptable game in Indian families, it is played especially during Diwali and in the presence of family members. It is guaranteed as a legal game. Hence, online rummy, which is a skill-based game, goes well along with the law, and it is a suitable game to play with loved ones.

Other mobile games: Whether it is a casual tile-sliding game or an action-filled game, there is a dash of uneasiness with family members. You generally hear things like the game is too violent, you are wasting time, or what kind of games are you constantly playing. The games are fun, but family has its reservation about them.

Different Prizes Game to Game


Online rummy: When you play online rummy  you have the opportunity to make it big. You win bonuses, but more interestingly, you can win real cash prizes converting into lakhs and crores. So, join the rummy family.

Other mobile games: In almost all games, you win bonuses or items to unlock new levels, skins, weapons, etc. to upgrade your game. If you look at the latest innovative games, there are in-app purchases, where you have to pay to help you scale up in the game quickly. Of course, there are real money games too, but do they offer high cash prizes?

Multiplayer Games, but no Players


Online rummy: On this platform, you will always find a player at the table, no matter the kind of variation you pick. There are 10 million users who come to this platform to try their luck at rummy. So, in this multiplayer game, you do not have to search for players to join you, but you can login and start playing.

Other mobile games: You have downloaded the game, but you may have to constantly wait for players to join or you have to coax your friends to play. There are certain games that have been downloaded millions of time, but there is a lack of players.

How Unpredictable The Game Can Be?

Online rummy: If you go by the technical part, RummyCircle deals cards based on Random Number Generator. So, two hands will never be identical, it is completely unpredictable, which is exhilarating and heats up the essence of the game.

Other mobile games: Here, there are limited things to look forward to and it is all about passing levels. On the contrary, action games are unpredictable. The mission in such games appears to be clear, but how you accomplish the mission is unpredictable. Hence, some mobile games and rummy share the element of unpredictability to some extent.


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