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Who Are Nine Tamamos To Tamamo-no-Mae In Fate/Grand Order

Wondering who are Nine Tamamos? Then read this article.

Fate/Grand Order is a single-player RPG centered around Summons and Summoners. Players are Masters who can summon familiars to battle with their enemies. It has many interesting and legendary familiars including mythical creatures like Medusa and Georgios. The game has added characters from some Asian and European mythologies, folklore, and history. In this article, we will learn about one such interesting servant, Tamamo-no-Mae. And the mysterious Nine Tamamos of Fate/Grand Order.

Fate/Grand Order (FGO): Who Are Nine Tamamos

Nine Tamamos In FGO

Tamamo Nine are nine Alter Egos of the Tamamo. If you are aware of the Southeast Asian and East Asian myths, then you might have heard about the legendary nine-tailed foxes. Tamamo is a spiritual fox with nine tails and has separated herself into nine avatars. The Fate/Grand Order has introduced two avatars, Tamamo-no-Mae and Tamamo Cat. But Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya is also debated as part of Tamamo Nine as it took Tamamo’s Saint Graph vessel.

Tamamo-no-Mae is the original Tamamo who cut off her tail in the Fate/EXTRA CCC to seal her alter egos in different dimensions. But they escaped and held grudges against the original. Since not all of her alter-egos have appeared in the series, there is not much data on other Tamamos except Tamamo-no-Mae and Tamamo Cat. So it is said that all alter egos share the same face and physical form. But have different clothes, hairstyles, and other changeable characteristics.

Other Known Forms Are

  • Tamamo Gucci
  • Tamamo Delmo
  • Tamamo-no-Hime
  • Tamamo Aria.

We will update her avatars list as soon as we get some data about them or the game introduces them as a servant or familiar characters. Till then, read this article on Nine Tamamos and their relation to Tamamo-no-Mae in Fate/Grand Order. And if looking for similar guides, check out how to get Saint Quartz and how to transfer data in FGO.