NFS Heat Servers Down: How To Check Server Status & Fix Issues?

Are NFS Heat servers down?

Need For Space (NFS) Heat is arguably one of the most popular racing games developed by Ghost Games. The game might have had launched in 2019 but it is still played by tons of players on a daily basis. There are tons of NFS Heat players who took to social media and complained that they are having issues or errors while launching the game on the device.

The errors that the NFS Heat players are currently facing are ‘error code 4010000′ and ‘item synchronization failed’. If you too are having the same issue or unable to play the game today then don’t worry, we have you covered. Besides providing an authentic solution to the ongoing problems, we will teach you how to check NFS Heat server status.

If you have been playing video games for months or years then you must know that majority of errors occur when servers of the game are down. If you encounter any issue while launching NFS Heat then the first thing that you must do is check whether the NFS servers are down or not.

For the uninformed, NFS Heat servers can be down for main major reasons. First, when the servers are under maintenance or the second is when the servers are overloaded.

Are NFS Heat Servers Down?

Whenever players encounter errors while playing NFS Heat the first thing they search on the internet is ‘Are NFS Heat servers down?’. If you too want to know the status of the NFS Heat server then let me tell you that the servers of the game are currently down and that could be the reason why you are having so many issues, glitches, or errors while launching the game.

How to Check NFS Heat Server Status?

It is pretty simple to check the server status of Need For Speed Heat. There are two ways that can be used to check the server status of any game, website, or application.


Downdetector is a third-party site where you can check whether the servers of NFS Heat are down or not. If you encounter any issue while playing this game and want to check the server status of it then visit the site. Once you are on the homepage of the site, search for Need For Speed.

NFS Heat Server Down

When you do so, you will be shown a graph of complaints that the website has received in the last 24-hours. If you look at the above picture, you will see there are too many people who have been complaining about the server issue on Downdetector. This means that the servers of NFS Heat are down at the moment.


Twitter is a platform where the devs post everything about the game and its servers. If the servers of NFS Heat are down and the devs are aware of it then they will keep you updated about the latest development. When we checked out their Twitter handle, we did not find any tweet informing the fans about the NFS Heat server outage.

How To Fix NFS Heat Server Down Issue?

There are no technical solutions to fix issues that are related to servers. Since it is happening from the devs end, all you can do is wait until the server is back online.