NBA 2K22: From Cross Platform To Salary-Cap Mode, Features Fans Want In The Game

Here's the list of features that fans want to see in NBA 2k22.

2K Interactive has been making great strides in the NBA series since the beginning of the last decade. With July starting around, News and information regarding the next NBA game “NBA 2K22” would start to float soon.

The studio each year has tried their level best to implement feedback from their community despite their effort various suggestions & features could have been implemented over the years.

NBA 2K22: Features Fans Want To See in The Game

This article is a sort of wish list that contains features & ideas that can improve the life quality of a player in the upcoming NBA 2K22.

Is NBA 2k22 Cross-Platform?

Most of the multiplayer games released in 2021 have the cross-platform feature enabled allowing players to enjoy the game with their friends from other platforms. It is still unclear why a big franchise like the NBA 2K has not still opted for it. Hopefully, NBA 2K22 will have the option to enable/disable the cross-platform feature within the reach of a button.

Carryover Saves in MyNBA

Players grinding the “MyNBA” for over a year in a particular edition do not receive any credentials when a new game is released. It will be very useful for the players if the developers allowed the players to carry forward their Hard grind worked in a form of a save file from the previous edition. If not they should be at least allowed to carry forward their existing roster helping and rewarding hard-core players of the game.

Cross- Generation plays among console

The console market is flooded with devices from both the current and Older Generation. So obviously, players will be experiencing the game from any platform of their choice.

Due to the shallow player base in respective consoles, The developers need to feature Cross-generation between platforms for a smooth match-making experience.

Wide Variety of Hairstyles for MY-Players Section

This may sound strange to a lot of readers out there but yes 2K22 needs to have a lot of creative hairstyles for players to customize in the Creating “My Players” section. The NBA leagues are filled with players having a wide variety of hairstyles ranging from the Mohawk to the short Afro.

Face Uploader Option for Created Players and/or a Better face Maker Kit.

Face customization is one of the most highlighting features of the NBA 2K Franchise. Fans of the game can customize and Design any players according to their wish using the Face maker tool kit. The problem here is that the current kit in NBA 2K21 is not on par when compared with other games like “MLB the Show”. Developers need to upgrade their existing kit to match the industry standards.

Fans are also expecting the “Upload the Face Image” feature from their other In-house titles like “WWE 2K”. This provision allows players to mirror their image to the characters they create in the “MY Players” section allowing an in-depth option for the player customization

Salary-Cap Mode in MyTeam

2K Sports first introduced the Salary cap system in the Super Max contract system a few years back. Due to the backlash & poor performance of Super Max Contract, the kit was removed as a whole including the Salary cap mode.

It will be beneficial if developers just add the Salary-cap mode back into the game in NBA 2K22 as it will bring a more balanced act to the much-required Ultimate mode.

Draft Mode in MyTeam

Draft mode is one of the most requested features by the NBA community for a very long period. This ability allows the players to make dream drafts for their Ultimate team before settling down for the final team. It is still quite confusing why 2K has not added this valuable feature to their system as it greatly improves the overall competitive spirit of the game.

The Return of Euro league Play

With the arrival of several European players in the NBA league over the years, it is quite natural to expect the return of the Euro league in the upcoming NBA 2K22.

User leagues in Pro- Amateur Modes

Currently, 2K Sports does not have any provision to conduct user-enabled leagues for the Pro-Amateur Mode even though this idea of Pro-Amateur itself emerged from the user-created organizations. It will be very interesting to see leagues and tournaments organized by players for the Amateur leagues.

Overall life quality of the game

NBA 2K21 was filled with bugs, crashes, and various issues. Developers need to improve the overall quality of the game by fixing the existing issues at hand instead of adding new features to the game.