My Brother Rabbit Trophy Guide: How To Get All The Trophies?

My brother rabbit is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game where you follow a child’s imagination. This animated wonder will have you collect items and solve a puzzle to advance further. Along with the puzzles, players have to play the game in a certain way to unlock the trophies and gain extra XP points. Here’s a My Brother Rabbit trophy guide explaining how to get all the trophies in the game.

Complete Trophy Guide For My Brother Rabbit?


How To Get The Trophy


 A Friend in Need Leave the Rabbit Hole Bronze
Fever Stop Bring the fever down Bronze
Color Separator Fix the rainbow divider Silver
Fly Away Leave this defiled place Gold
Freedom Free the Rabbit Bronze
Itsy-Bitsy Spider Find all the spiders Bronze
Curiosity Unlock all of the test tubes on the tree Bronze
Pumped Out Pump all the objects Silver
Fingers Crossed Give the test results to the doctor Silver
Disappointment Find the cure somewhere else Gold
Bring it Back! Lower the big baobab Bronze
Beanstalk Ladder Grow the ladder from the beans Silver
Ice Sculptor Sculpt an ice swan Bronze
Programmer’s Brain Solve the tangram puzzle Silver
Just Moo It! The giant robo-moose is ready Gold
Flying Machine Solve the 4-window puzzle Bronze
Befriend a Turtle Find all the turtles Bronze
Bring it up! Move the bike to the top Gold
Pearl Collector Collect all the pearls Silver
Wind Creator Fly to the rescue Silver
Bubble Passenger Use the bubble to move heroes up Silver
Four Wheels Put the wheels on the cart Bronze
Startler Startle all of the signal birds Bronze
Sickness is Gone Finish the game Gold
Shell Inspector Open all the clam shells Bronze
Jolly Yamyams Interact with all the yamyams Silver
Quack Quack Make all the rubber ducks quack Bronze
Sprinkler Use all the colors Silver
Where are they going? Follow them to see where they flew Silver
Hand in Hand Try all of the robo-moose hands Silver
Super Explorer Unlock all the trophies Platinum


This was the complete list of all the trophies in My Brother Rabbit and how to get them.

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