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MrBeast Teases Collaboration With Indian Content Creators

Names like MortaL, Sc0ut, & Jonathan are in the mix for suggestions about next MrBeast collaboration

MeBeast is one of the most popular YouTube content creators around the world. His channel has recently breached the fabled 100 million mark on YouTube. This makes MrBeast only the second individual content creator to reach this mark after PewDiePie. However, that is not the only good news for MrBeast followers as Jimmy Donaldson might also be teaming up with Indian YouTube Content Creators for a collaboration. Let us find out more about the speculated collaboration below.

MrBeast To Collaborate With Indian Content Creators?


Indian followers of MrBeast were left speculating whether the popular content creator is planning a collaboration with Indian Youtube Content Creators after a recent tweet. MrBeast has previously expressed interest in expanding his Hindi channel.

The conversation came about when Indian content creator Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal suggested that MrBeast should plan a video in India.

In reply, MrBeast hinted that he was up for a collaboration and even asked for suggestions. Twitter users came up with a lot of names like MortaL, Sc0ut, Jonathan, and many more. While nothing has been confirmed as yet, the possibility is an exciting one for Indian viewers.

MrBeast created a Hindi channel and uploaded the first video 3 months  back. It featured his Squid Game-themed video with a Hindi dubbing. The video was quite popular and hit millions of views easily. It is not surprising that MrBeast wants to create content targeted for Indian audiences. Esports has come up in a big way in India in recent years and gaming content creators are quite popular here. So, teaming up with an Indian content creator could attract a lot of attention to MrBeast’s Hindi channel.

If MrBeast does collaborate with an Indian creator, he won’t be the first creator to do so. In 2020, DrDisrespect collaborated with Tanmay “Scout” Singh for a livestream. It was quite popular with viewers and both creators got over one hundred thousand views on their respective streams.

Viewers will just have to wait and see if a Indian collaboration with MrBeast is in the future. Till then, readers can check out How To Get Your Own Creator Code In Brawl Stars?