LOL DFS – Slate Breakdown March 24, 2021

Here is a breakdown of the LOL DFS for the LPL games scheduled tonight.

Don’t you think that in the present era, the world of fantasy is both exciting and demanding, especially with esports like LOL DFS seizing the recognition of players from around the world?

Without a doubt, esports has revolutionized the entire landscape of the gaming industry, and I am not protesting even a whit With a slew of online gaming tournaments sparking a considerable interest, it’s fairly apparent that game developers need to rethink their strategy if they wish to succeed in today’s competitive world.

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That being said, League of Legends is one of the few titles that arrange esports events in order to up their standard and continue to deliver the quality stuff and competitive environment to its users. LOL DFS is one of this action RPG MOBA game’s endeavors, and today I’m going to shed some light on and also share some best picks for you to consider in tonight’s championship. Keep scrolling!

LOL DFS Series

The Leagues Of Legends series has postseason implications in some areas, one of which weighs the most heavily, but the two LPL games are scheduled for tonight, March 24th, 2021, and here are the two LPL series, LPL starting lineups, and DraftKings LOL picks you won’t be sorry for choosing.

  • Top Esports (TES) VS ThunderTalk Gaming (TT)
  • Team WE (WE) VS Edward Gaming (EDG)

LOL DFS Starting Lineups

Take a quick glance at the table below for LPL starting lineups:

TOP-369 TOP-Chelizi TOP-Breathe TOP-Flandre
JNG-Karsa JNG-Xiaopeng JNG-Beishang JNG-Jiejie
MID-Knight MID-Twila MID-Shanks MID-Scout
ADC-JackeyLove ADC-SamD ADC-Jiumeng ADC-Viper
SUP-Zhuo SUP-Teeen SUP-Missing SUP-Meiko


Finally, you have arrived at the most important part of the article – LOL DFS top picks, which are my personal collective targets that you can choose from to maintain a competitive edge. Let’s get started.

ADC – Jiumeng ($ 11,400 CP)

The stats below will show you why he has the ability to lead all players on the lineup as well as beat eStar tonight.

High Death Rate – 2.4 per game

Kill Participation – Approx. 4.55 Kills

Assist Per Map – 0.05

Team Leading Creep Score – 285.6

Average DKFP – 69.5 per game

Top – Breathe ($6,400)

He will surely be a key player in Team We’s progress in upgrading its current 12-8 map record.

KDA – 5.44 (Second best on Team WE)

Kills – 2.15

Deaths – 1.6

Assists Per Game – 6.55

Support – Missing ($5,200)

He will surely be a key player in Team We’s progress in upgrading its current 12-8 map record.

Assist Per Game – 8.1

KDA – 2.51

Kills – 3.65 per map

That’s all on LOL DFS best picks for the tournaments scheduled tonight. Good Luck!!!

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