Lending A Paw Request In P5S: Zunda Supreme Walkthrough

Chase down certain Zunda Supreme for Persona 5 Strikers’ Lending a Paw request.

Lending a Paw is a Request that you can perform reasonably early during the playthroughs of Persona 5 Strikers. It has to do with identifying a dessert for Lady Ann. The core factor of the request is quite unusual; hence you will be required to do little research until you are allowed to collect it.

Describing this method is the explicit aim of this guide; therefore you’ll conclude Persona 5 Strikers’ Lending a Paw Request hassle-free upon sticking through this walkthrough

Lending A Paw Request In P5S

Just like you get Requests in Persona 5, Persona 5 Strikers also feature a bunch of them rewarding you with bond experience and effective elements making it worth the trouble. You will get this Request in Sendai Jail from Morgana challenging you to locate the undiscovered dessert to comfort Ann.

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For this task, you will be provided with a mere clue that may confuse you more. To help you escape it we have provided you with the exact Zunda Supreme location below.

Zunda Supreme Locations

To begin receiving the essential dialogue which will assist you in finding Zunda Supreme, navigate to the menu on the game’s screen and open it to tap on the Requests option. Now select and accept the Lending a Paw requestLending A Paw P5SAfter activating the Request, go to Mt. Aoba Park. There you will spot a woman close to the shrine’s entrance by the vending machines. Tell her you are looking for the dessert and she will inform the manager about the same. Next, get inside the shrine and move towards the north. You will come across a Maiden outside the stall next to Ryuji. She besides providing you with the important details permits you to speak with the Fussy Manager.

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After the conversation with the manager ends, exit the shrine and keep walking to the right along the white road instructing you with red arrows till you reach a huge map. There find a lady outside the stall “Café Blue” on the right side. She will confirm that Zunda Supreme exists in reality. She will also tell you that it can be unlocked only with a password and some other guy on the same mission failed to access it. This needs you to do a little more investigating.

It’s time to depart Mt. Aoba Park and make a trip to Sendai Station. Move towards the right lane after passing the walkway and locate a young man with brown hair and adorning a black hat near the small opening. You will observe he is talking to himself; listen carefully to comprehend the password he utters. This is your correct password to access the Zunda Supreme.

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Come back to Mt. Aoba Park and give the password to the fussy manager outside the stall. Your delightful dessert will now be unlocked. To collect it go back to Café Blue and purchase it from the vendor. With this, you successfully accomplish the quest. Now, open the Menu again and confirm to win dialogue between Mona and Ann as well as plenty of Bond XP.

This is how you earn Zunda Supreme to complete the Lending a Paw request in P5S.