Huniepop 2: How To Use Smoothies To Increase Affection Stats

Here is how you can get and use smoothies in Huniepop 2

Huniepop 2 is one of the most popular games on Steam. Date and complete different puzzles to win the ultimate goal of satisfying the cosmic beauties above. On this quest to win their ultimate satisfaction, you must date dozens of other women and have successful experiences to build your dating prowess. Smoothies help increase you chances of success by impressing these girls. Here is how you can gift and use smoothies for maximum effect in Huniepop 2!

How to Gift Smoothies in Huniepop 2


Huniepop 2 How To Use Smoothies

Buy smoothies from the Seeds store for 5 Hunie Seeds to get the smoothie of your choice. Then, you will have to drag the smoothie from your inventory to any one of the girls to give it to her. Remember though, giving a smoothie is going to cost you 1 Stamina. So, make sure that your girl has enough stamina before you give her the smoothies in Huniepop 2.

This way, you can give multiple smoothies till she runs out of stamina. You won’t be able to keep the smoothie in your inventory for long as it is an edible item. This makes it perishable and so, it would be wise to see if the girl of your choice has stamina before you give her a smoothie.


Feeding any of the smoothies will give you 1 XP in that Affection type. However, if you gift a girl a smoothie of her preference, you will get 2 XP instead. Here are the different preferred smoothies of each girl in Huniepop 2:

  • Abia – Se**ality
  • Ashley – Se**ality
  • Brook – Talent
  • Candy – Flirtation
  • Jessie – Romance
  • Lailan – Se**ality
  • Lillia – Romance
  • Lola – Talent
  • Nora – Romance
  • Polly – Flirtation
  • Sarah – Flirtation
  • Zoey – Talent

With every 6 XP, you will level up the associated Affection stat. When you level up the stat, it makes it worth more Affection whenever you go on dates. Once you level up to Level 5, you will not see a lot of smoothies any more in the store. So make sure that each of your girls are satisfied before you reach Level 5 in the game. That is how you can gift and use smoothies in Huniepop 2. For more Huniepop 2 info, check out this article on Abia’s outfits.