GTA Vice City: How To Skip Demolition Man Mission (2022)

Here's the cheat code to help players through the Demolition Man mission

GTA Vice City holds a special place in many players’ fond memories. It is an exciting addition to the GTA franchise with players taking over Vice City. While the game was loads of fun to play and complete, there were some missions that were an absolute nightmare to complete. The Demolition Man mission definitely ranks the highest in the list of frustrating GTA Vice City missions and players have been wondering if there is a way to skip it.

So, that is what we will be discussing today. Can players actually skip the Demolition Man mission in GTA Vice City with a cheat code?

Can Players Skip The Demolition Man Mission In GTA Vice City?


In the mission, players have to place 4 bombs at different locations on a construction site within a 7-minute time limit. Players have to fly the helicopter inside the building site and place the bombs in strategic locations. However, the task is made difficult by construction workers that try to bring down the helicopters with a variety of tools.

Unfortunately, there is no way to skip the Demolition Man mission without mods. However, third-party mods can often mess up the game and are generally not worth using. That being said, there is a way to make the mission a whole lot easier.

Players can use a simple cheat to slow down time. This will give them added time to balance out the wonky controls of the helicopter and complete the mission. With the time element out of the picture the mission is much easier to complete. The cheat to slow down time in GTA Vice City is “Booooooring“.With this cheat, players can get through this mission much quicker.

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